The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 7 (Season Finale) Release Date, Synopsis & Spoilers

The Good Doctor Season 5

On The Good Doctor season 5 episode 6, Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmor) had a rough night.

There are also some flashback moments, as well as Shaun and Dr. Glassman (Richard Schiff).

Let’s start with this week’s case. Dr. Park planned to perform an organ transplant on Shaun’s dying patient.

He believed that this was the most effective strategy to save his own patient. Shaun, on the other hand, does not agree.

You can read the rest of the story to discover what persuaded him. Let’s go on to the next episode, which will be crucial because it may be the last of the year because the good doctor is taking a break for the winter finale.

Here’s all you need to know about The Good Doctor’s Season 5 Episode 7 titled “Expired,” including the trailer and release date.

Dr. Aaron Glassman will take centre stage. Someone from his past is likely to emerge on the scene in an attempt to enlist his help. Aaron will be apprehensive about offering his help.

Spoilers for The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 7

Season 5 episode 7 of The Good Doctor will feature an important narrative named “Expired,” which sounds ominous.

This appears to be the final episode of the year. Shaun and Lea will be returning from a possible wedding venue when they come across a horrifying car accident involving Alma, a young pregnant mother.

She’ll be badly injured and in desperate need of medical assistance! Her condition is rapidly deteriorating.

Due to the gravity of the situation, Shaun, Lim, and Jordan will be forced to deliver Alma’s baby early.

With his divorce from Debbie (Sheila Kelly) and his lack of participation at the hospital, Dr. Glassman already has a lot on his plate.

Dr. Aaron Glassman’s (Richard Schiff) past will be explored further in the forthcoming episode of The Good Doctor, as fans will soon meet his ex-wife Ilana Reeves, played by Ann Cusack.

According to TV Insider, she will appear as a guest star. Ilana is drawn to the canvas for a reason.

In order to help her current spouse, who is ailing, she seeks to advice from her ex-husband.

Aaron, on the other hand, is hesitant to assist since he doesn’t want to cause any more pain to his ex-wife.

Is Glassman in the hospital again? Lea pleaded with him to assist her in locating her fiancé. Shaun’s hospitalisation is about to be jeopardised.

In addition, his patient reviews weren’t exactly glowing. Glassman gave some sound advice: Treat Shaun as a human being.

She admits to altering Shaun’s grades. Glassman chastised her for her unethical actions and told her she needed to go home and clean up her act.

Shaun’s condition appears to be deteriorating in the episode 7 trailer.

We can see Shaun shouting and telling Galssman, “You should have run to the hospital,” at the end of the promo.

The Good Doctor 5.07 Promo / Trailer

Release Date for The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 7

Season 5 Episode 7 of The Good Doctor titled “Expired,” will air on ABC on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 22, at 10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT.

Previous seasons are available to watch on Hulu, and Hulu and ABC’s official websites both have streaming versions of the show.

The show is also available on a number of streaming TV platforms. The Good Doctor is available on Netflix for anyone living outside of the United States.

Consumers can watch live television on two platforms: Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV. Seasons 1–4 are also available on Amazon Prime Video for purchase by the episode or by the season.

The Good Doctor Episode 5×06 Press Release / Synopsis

“Expired” – After visiting a possible wedding venue, Shaun and Lea happen upon a terrible car accident and discover Alma (Natalee Linez), a young pregnant mother who has been badly injured and needs immediate medical attention. Back at St. Bonaventure, Alma’s condition worsens, and Shaun and Drs. Lim and Jordan are forced to deliver the baby prematurely. Meanwhile, Dr. Glassman is apprehensive when a figure from his past reaches out for help on all-new “The Good Doctor,” MONDAY, NOV. 22 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. Watch episodes on demand and on Hulu the day following their premieres.

Guest starring is Rachel Bay Jones as Salen Morrison, Ann Cusack as Ilana Reeves and Natalee Linez as Alma.

Expired” was written by Mark Rozeman and Jim Adler, and directed by Mike Listo.

Recap of The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 6

Glassman was settling in Montana and ranting at another player in Season 5 Episode 6 of The Good Doctor when he was distracted by a familiar voice… Lea!

She pleaded with him to assist Shaun, but he declined. She admits to altering Shaun’s grades.

Glassman chastised her for her unethical actions and told her she needed to go home and clean up her act. at st. Sant’Angelo’s Jose Reznick offered to Salen that he turn the hospital around and make it profitable.

Nira, a contact she had, may help her land a big deal. She got complete control of the clinic Glassman left behind as part of the deal she made.

Morgan recommended that the woman have the tumours behind her eyes removed in order to save her vision.

Morgan performed surgery on Nira but only managed to salvage half of her vision and apologised.

Morgan could have saved her life; therefore, Nira advised her not to apologise. Morgan, on the other hand, had a deeper sense of guilt.

To save the hospital money, she chose the less expensive option.

Meanwhile, Shaun and Park were treating Brandon, a patient with severe brain injury, in the emergency room.

Park doubted the man’s survival, whilst Shaun was confident in his ability to save him. The crew encountered some difficulties in the OR, but he eventually stabilised and entered a coma.

Park sought assistance from Ollie, the young patient’s mother. He was hoping to see if the youngster was a good match for a heart donor.

Thomas, Brandon’s father, arrived to see him. Dr. Asher was his point of contact, and he was sceptical of Brandon’s recovery.

Brandon’s father was sorry he hadn’t spoken to him in two years. He was dissatisfied that his son had not followed in his footsteps.

Asher hadn’t spoken to his father in five years, and he had given up.

Park passed out while checking Ollie. Park went to Shaun and begged him to give Brandon’s heart to Ollie.

Shaun, on the other hand, shoved Park away, threatening to report him for violating his profession’s norms.

Shaun and Glassman then work together in college to solve problems. It also taught him how to deal with the gentleman.

As Brandon’s heart was nearing a healthy transplant stage, Park questioned Shaun about his treatment strategy.

Shaun dashed over to Brandon’s father to inform him that while they couldn’t save his child, they could heal his heart.

Because he had so much to say to his son, Thomas refused to accept this. Asher encouraged him to converse with him while he was unconscious.

He overheard Thomas’s emotional farewell. Brandon’s heart was successfully transplanted into Ollie to give him a second chance.

Shaun and Asher hand Thomas a piece of paper with a diagram of Brandon’s organs. Brandon has now added 63 persons to his team.

When Asher gets home, he reads several letters from his father that he hadn’t seen before, and they move him.

A final flashback to Shaun and Glassman highlighted an activity that brought them closer together.

Shaun attempted to contact Glassman at this time, and he tried again but was unsuccessful, so he started the workout on his own…