‘The In Between’ (2022) Movie Ending Explained

'The In Between' (2022) Movie Ending Explained

The science-fiction romantic film ‘The In Between,’ directed by Arie Posin of ‘The Chumscrubber‘ fame, is, above all, a therapeutic investigation of the effect of bereavement on the human brain.

Tessa and her boyfriend have an accident at the start of the film. Tessa awakens in a hospital, and the storey jumps forward 138 days to the start of her love affair.

The rest of the film tries to piece together the events of that fatal night, while Tessa searches for closure in her life.

She learns that her boyfriend may be attempting to contact with her from the titular in-between during this process. The film is dreamy and calm, with a murky white tone and a score that heightens the emotions.

It has a happy ending thanks to the hero’s preference, although some details are still unknown.

Let us decode the conclusion if you’re curious about what happened in those final seconds.


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What Is the In Between

Plot & Synopsis of the ‘The In Between’ [2022] Movie

Tess and her boyfriend Skyler are involved in an accident, and Tess finds herself in a hospital bed.

Despite the severity of the injury, Dr. Rita Sarkisian reports that her right ventricle is working normally. Tessa’s psyche, on the other hand, is in ruins following Skyler’s death.

Tessa encounters unusual occurrences, such as her broken phone going on by itself and displaying an image of a deck.

Skyler appears on her bed later, and the two of them walk out into the cold whiteness. The nurse informs Tessa that Doris is working on a book on the afterlife and would like to hear Tessa’s storey.

The storey goes back in time to tell the storey of Tessa and Skyler’s brief romance. Tessa enjoys movies as a photography student, but she only enjoys flicks with tragic endings.

Tessa meets Skyler, a dashing athlete who speaks Italian, French, and Spanish while viewing a French film without subtitles in the Avalon Theatre. Skyler completes the film’s translation for her, and the two-part ways without exchanging phone numbers.

The In Between Plot Synopsis

Tessa meets Skyler in a rowing competition a month later, thanks to Shannon’s persistence. Skyler’s mother reveals, much to Skyler’s humiliation, how Skyler went on the internet in search of Tessa.

Tessa, on the other hand, rescues the day by agreeing to accompany him on his date. They eat in a shack-style café with a magnificent view, and later, Tessa insists, they go on a tour of the abandoned hotel ‘Empyrean‘ to hear the ghosts of the newlyweds’ past.

When Tessa learns that Skyler is heading to Brown University, they share a kiss and then another. As we learn more about Tessa’s past with Skyler, the current tale follows Tessa as she searches for answers.

Skyler interacts with her from the world of the “in-between.” Tessa wants to communicate with Skyler, but Doris tells her that she can be trapped in the realm indefinitely.

What Is the “In Between”? ‘The In Between’ Ending – Is Tessa able to connect with Skyler?

The plot revolves around the concept of “in-between.” Tessa seeks the help of paranormal investigator Doris after receiving strange messages from Skyler.

Tessa has a pessimistic realistic outlook on life (and relationships), thus she is sceptical about the likelihood of After-Death Communications (or ADC). Tessa, on the other hand, comes to grips with Skyler’s attempt to connect with her after receiving many indications.

Skyler’s face appears by her side for a brief minute when she develops a snapshot of her face. The photos, however, cannot develop into pieces of evidence because the fixer is broken.

Tessa’s hand, on the other hand, responds automatically during the exam, destroying the OMR sheet. Tessa’s phone automatically starts playing Skyler’s song, INXS’ “Never Tear Us Apart.”

The music starts playing on all of the phones in the large classroom, much to Tessa’s surprise. Shannon, too, realises that Tessa’s assertion may be true after the occurrence. She begins to learn a lot about the ADC phenomena.

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They attempt a few things, including planchette, looking in the mirror, and wearing sunglasses while staring at a static TV screen. We see a shadowy form emerge from the motionless screen as they give up and walk out of the room.

Vickie, Tessa’s adopted mother, requests that the car be driven to her employment, so Tessa arrives home early.

Around that time, the automobile GPS automatically refreshes, giving Tessa a map that bears an uncanny resemblance to the pattern on the OMR sheet. Tessa puts the car in reverse after the revelation and follows the map to Doris’ residence.

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'The In Between' (2022) Movie Photography

Doris anticipates Tessa’s arrival, knowing that Skyler will call Tessa again. Tessa learns from Doris that spirits generally visit locations where they feel the most love, but her advise comes with a warning: Tessa may be stuck in the in-between space forever.

Tessa prepares a list of sites where she and Skyler have shared personal moments. Her hunt for Skyler’s spirit culminates in their first kiss at the Empyrean.

Tessa becomes even more determined to communicate with Skyler one last time after an out-of-body experience (which involves walking on the wall and Skyler’s phantom smashing the glass pane).

Meanwhile, she returns to the hospital because chasing Skyler’s ghost has damaged her recuperation.

Shannon and Tessa escape the hospital in the end, and Tessa experiences a near-death experience on the accident scene before saying her goodbyes to the titular in-between.

Many cultures believe that the soul of the deceased wanders the earth for a while before departing.

The concept of after-death contact is not new – and there have been numerous reports of such encounters all across the world. People who have witnessed the phenomenon have seen, heard, or felt the presence of their deceased loved ones in the living world.

You may smell their fragrance, have crazy visions, or have nightmares in which the dead appear. The Atlantic Paranormal Society, which produces the famous show ‘Ghost Hunters,’ claims to have gathered 3300 ADC reports.

When the conversation shifts to the metaphysical and spiritual realms, however, we rarely rationalise such encounters.

Does Tessa Get Her Closure

Does Tessa Go to Get her Closure?

Shannon and Tessa finally make it out of the hospital to meet Skylar’s spirit one last time. Tessa and Shannon are sent to the accident site when Skyler’s soul appears to take control of the car.

Tessa had a near-death experience and falls on the road. Her ghost emerges from her body and greets Skyler. Tessa believed she couldn’t express her love for Skyler (thus her inability to move on from Skyler’s memory).

The ending, however, reveals that she whispered those three words just before the disaster.

Skyler and Tessa go to different places, recall memories, and even visit Paris. Skyler believes in happy endings, despite his aversion to parting with her.

As a result, Tessa awakens in the hospital bed, seemingly from a dream – and she is still alive. Tessa also applies to Rhode Island School of Design in honour of Skyler.

In the finale, she gives a presentation to the academics about her portfolio. Skyler’s ghost is still following her around like a shadow, and you might see him in the back of the auditorium.

Tessa has been recovering in the interim, and she is not afraid to show off her photography or her perspective on the art form.