The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 6 “Kin” Recap

the last of us episode 6 recap

The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – Three months have passed since the events of episode 5 of the critically acclaimed and massively popular HBO thriller. Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) live as nomads in the expansive and unpopulated Western United States. Joel has second thoughts about whether he is the best person to deliver Ellie safely, but he still hopes to locate his younger brother Tommy (Gabriel Luna) in Wyoming. She gives a negative response to this. In case you missed the thrilling conclusion of Episode 6 of The Last of Us, here is a summary of what transpired.

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the last of us episode 6

The Last of Us Episode 6 Recap

The flashback to Henry’s suicide is followed by a scene set three months later in a frozen field with a solitary cabin. Marlon (Graham Greene) and Florence (Elaine Miles) are more likely to find Joel and Ellie’s threatening practical jokes amusing than frightening. They have spent the last two decades in seclusion, far from civilization, trapping, gathering, eating, and surviving in a small hut.

In contrast, our heroes have spent this time living among clickers and raiders. Therefore, they do not always maintain a defensive posture. She eagerly accepts his offer of a drink. She envisions a future free of their Fireflies-era separation. Additional caution: the Affected populated major urban centres. Marlon explains, “We can see the bodies, but we have no way of determining who they belong to.” Of course, not everyone fell ill. Tommy is definitely gone if he has crossed the river to the west.

Ellie has been jokingly referring to the river as the “river of death,” so they decided to pitch a tent next to it that night. Despite their scepticism, they choose to give it a shot anyway. Outside, Joel is so shocked by Ellie’s theft of one of the rabbits Marlon had captured in silence that he nearly passes out. Next, despite her best efforts to conceal it, Ellie’s anxiety emerges from hiding, as it has often happened. “I wanted to save him,” she responds, implying that she attempted to heal Sam with her blood.

Joel finally tells Ellie not to worry, stating, “They can do it”, if Marlene’s assertion that the doctors at Fireflies can create a therapy with Ellie’s input is accurate. This is, of course, pure speculation. To be fair, this is not the first time Joel has lied to Ellie to make her feel better or more secure, but it is one of the first times he has lied about this specific topic. He assures her that he will work both shifts so she can rest, but in the morning, he discovers that he fell asleep on the job, and she is required to remain alert.

During their long walk, Ellie tells a bad joke about a dam, and they discuss her desire to learn to whistle and shoot before being surrounded by a group of menacing horseback riders. Ellie yells behind his back, “We’re just passing through!” as Joel raises his hands in a gesture of submission. The leader orders Ellie and Joel to lay down their weapons and separate to make space for a dog trained to detect Cordyceps disease. Joel’s anxiety levels escalate when the dog completely ignores him and instead begins to growl at Ellie. Ellie’s expression mirrors the amusement of the animal as it licks his face.

Joel, attempting to maintain his composure, informs a female group member that he is searching for his brother, and she requests his name. Joel and Ellie, along with the rest of the group, are finally transported back to Jackson, a gated community that appears prosperous and tranquil. Who is the bearded man I saw working on a structure in the city’s heart? When Tommy fails to respond, Joel yells at him. The Miller brothers rush to embrace each other, nearly knocking down Joel. Tommy cannot wait to welcome whatever is in front of him. They continue to hug and giggle.

While Ellie and Joel are eating, she interrogates Tommy and Maria (Rutina Wesley, True Blood) about what occurred outside the compound and why there are so many bodies. Tommy disregards everything as nonsense. Even Joel is surprised by the wedding of Tommy and Maria. Maria and Tommy invite you to explore their post-apocalyptic paradise for yourself. The dam in Jackson supplies the city’s residents with electricity, water, sewage, and even many places of worship. Three hundred permanent residents work collaboratively to maintain the plants and livestock. Maria admits without hesitation that the group is a communist commune. She then separates herself from Ellie to share a moment of silence with her sibling.

The Miller gents meet in a deserted bar to catch up. In response to Tommy’s inquiry, Joel would confirm that Tess is still alive. He creates a backstory in which Ellie is the privileged daughter of a senior Firefly official. Tom insists that they will be able to secure the necessary infrastructure at Eastern Colorado University, but the journey from Fort Collins to Jackson is highly hazardous. Therefore, Joel issues an invitation… Tommy, however, is confident that this is not the case.

Joel immediately begins writing after realizing that the message is about to become the text. Tommy claims he participated in the violence to protect himself. Tommy does not want to put himself in danger, either by killing or being killed, because Maria is pregnant, and he and Maria have limited time remaining together. Isolation causes Joel to lose his temper. Joel and Ellie will depart the following morning.

Joel is confident that he sees Sarah waiting for him outside the bar as he exits. It’s not her, but someone who from behind resembles her, and he has another episode that leaves him clutching his chest and leaning against a pole while gasping for air. After tracking him down to his shoe repair shop, Tommy apologizes to Joel by purchasing him a new pair of boots. “I know you’re happy for me,” the younger Miller stated. But Joel is already spinning his mental Tilt-A-Whirl, so prepare for a wild ride, Tommy. He provides Tess with information regarding her condition and Ellie.

His conversation evokes all the strong emotions he has regarding Ellie’s role as protector in Kansas City. When Tommy brings up their previous survival techniques, the violent history between Joel and Tommy resurfaces because she’s pregnant. This is an enormous obstacle in the path of Joel and Ellie’s romance. Tommy reveals that the required Firefly laboratory is located in Colorado, to the group’s south. According to his estimations, the journey will take about a week and will not be easy. Tommy has no desire to travel with Joel to that location. Frustrated, Joel announces that they can cease worrying about him and Ellie starting tomorrow morning. Maria gives Ellie a complete makeover, which includes a bath, a new wardrobe, and a haircut.

Additionally, Maria gives her a menstrual cup. Maria, an assistant district attorney in Omaha, immediately lost her son Kevin to the outbreak. He was a three-year-old boy. Ellie assumes Sarah is Maria’s mother upon discovering a memorial for Maria. However, Maria interrupts to disclose that Sarah is actually Joel. Maria is still sniping when she reaches her conclusion. Due to Joel’s history of violence, she fears for Ellie’s safety. Ellie notes that Tommy participated in these activities before devoting himself entirely to Angry Dad. Still, Maria dismisses this as Tommy simply following in his brother’s footsteps. She issues a warning with utmost care.

Joel and Tommy reconcile when the rest of the town, including Maria and Ellie, gathers in a cabin to watch an old film. Joel reveals everything to Tommy, including his concerns for Ellie, his motivations, and his own self-evaluation. He attributes his health issues to his constant state of anxiety. Later, as Ellie traverses the city, she overhears a portion of a conversation between Joel and Tommy in the shoe store. When Joel finally catches up with her at the residence where they plan to spend the night, he has no doubts regarding the situation.

During their discussion, she mentions the concept of loss, and he argues that he did not invent it. Therefore, her response is that, except for him, all of her friends and family have died or abandoned her. This is why she begs him to continue the journey with her; without him, she will be much more terrified. The time has come for us to part ways; this will occur at dawn. As he storms away, she appears on the verge of crying. Later that night, recalling that he and Sarah will set up their Christmas tree the following day, even Joel sheds a few tears.

the last of us episode 6 ending explained

The Last of Us Episode 6 Ending Explained

The following day, Tommy and Ellie arrive at the stable and discover Joel preparing to steal a horse and flee. He claims to have carefully considered the matter and decided to give Ellie a choice. Despite his belief that she would be safer with Tommy, she remains with him. Tommy gives Joel and Ellie a bear hug, hands them a weapon, and invites them to visit Jackson at any time. During the trip to Colorado, they appear more at ease than they have in recent memory. Using a long gun, he instructs her on how to fire it. They discuss his early inspirations for wanting to become a musician. When they arrive at the university, which is now covered in Firefly graffiti, they discover that everyone except the once-captive test-lab monkeys has left.

Joel believes that the group may have travelled to Salt Lake City based on the information they’ve uncovered so far. However, four armed men stride rapidly in their direction, thwarting their plans. Before Ellie and Joel can reach their horse, the men rush them, and one of them stabs Joel in the chest with the shattered end of a baseball bat. Joel stomps on the man’s neck, instantly killing him. Before Ellie’s shocked expression, Joel was unaware of the severity of his wound. Ellie fires at the remaining men as the group approaches the horse to keep them at bay. Joel is injured after falling from his horse while attempting to flee the school. Without him, Ellie moves on with her life. The episode concludes with her pleading with him to stand up.

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