The Serpent Queen Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained

The Serpent Queen Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

The Serpent Queen Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained – The Serpent Queen” is the new historical drama on Starz. Continuing the tale of the abhorrent Catherine de Medici, a monarch at the French court who was not to be disobeyed. The series, which stars Samantha Morton in the lead role, is executive produced by Justin Haythe. Stacie Passon will also serve as the inaugural episode’s director.

The Serpent Queen tells the tale of Catherine, a commoner who has married into royalty thanks to her uncle’s efforts. Little did young Catherine realize that the man she was in love with was having an affair with a lady in waiting who was twice his age. She was set up to be married to Prince Henry of the French Court. Catherine must now use ruthlessness and guile to assail her way into power, driven by the betrayal.

The program skips ten years in the fourth episode. The impressionable, gullible girl who was made to submit to everyone’s wishes has long since vanished. Now that she is virtually in possession of the French throne, we see her develop into the monarch she was destined to be. She still faces many obstacles on the journey, though. Here is what Catherine’s future holds in light of this episode’s conclusion.

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The Serpent Queen Episode 4 Recap

The Serpent Queen Episode 4 “A New Era” Recap

Catherine was carrying her first kid when we last saw her. Nine pregnancies later, she successfully completed her duty to maintain her position in the French court. Right now, Henry’s affection is the only thing she yearns for. He still favors Diane, and she has a stronger hold on him by the second. She had previously assisted Catherine since she knew that without her children, Diane might have to consider finding Henry a new wife. However, Diane is no longer in the mood to share Henry now that that thing is over.

Catherine must consider that she might wind up like other courtesans who waste their days doing pointless things while their husbands court younger mistresses as she desperately strives to win her husband’s favor. When Henry’s father, King Francis, dies, things start to go in her favor because she refuses to accept her fate. Before his passing, he ensures Catherine is appointed to Henry’s privy council, making it hard for anyone to get rid of her or ignore her. However, Catherine will need much more than just her improved political position to get rid of Diane finally.

The Serpent Queen Episode 4 Ending, Explained

The Serpent Queen Episode 4 Ending Explained

Thoughts and deeds of Catherine would seem to carry more weight after she becomes queen, but it soon becomes clear that she has an uphill battle. She is not well-liked by others, although King Francis thought highly of her and even referred to her as his family’s redemption. Henry expresses his importance for Catherine’s perspective during their first council meeting, but he is still hesitant to treat her seriously.

She forewarns him that the Roman Church will attempt to overthrow his rule. By implying that she might be the one to launch the war with her hasty actions, the Bourbons and the Guises undercut her and even attempt to make fun of her. Henry listens to her but doesn’t follow her advice with the same rigor. The Holy Roman Emperor eventually delivers a severed head as a message to the new king. However, the queen is not bothered by that.

Catherine is not shocked by the Church’s onslaught. As soon as Francis passed away and Henry was crowned king of France, she had predicted it. She failed to anticipate Diane’s cunning, which led her to underestimate her power over Henry. Catherine thought that her husband’s responsibilities as a king might finally wake him up, making him contemplate the prospect of keeping Diane at a distance.

Catherine doesn’t realize that he won’t choose his wife—whom he has only known for around ten years—over the woman he has loved his entire life, which is not a good look for him. The mistress uses her own power move when Catherine tries to expel Diane. Henry falls for her manipulation, but he won’t let her go.

Diane forces Henry to wear a black and white color suit to show Catherine exactly how much control she has over her husband. At the same time, Catherine dressed in blue on the day of the coronation. Their dress demonstrates to everyone how disengaged the new king and queen are and shows that Diane, not Catherine, should be approached if they want the king’s ear. Despite spending so many years in Diane’s shadow, Catherine underestimates her. But it appears that she has taken a lesson from this.

Future Catherine avoids the error of underestimating Mary, who feels that the throne is hers now that her husband is dead, as the day of Charles’ coronation approaches. Catherine is aware of Mary’s intense animosity toward her. Whatever information she may have learned from the letter she ultimately received, it is evident that Mary may have been the one to move. The Catherine, the young Scottish queen, is dealing with, however, is not the same gullible Catherine who didn’t know how to get rid of a lady who was challenging her power. Mary’s tenure at the French court appears to be coming to an end shortly.

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