Tiger King: Where is Jeff Lowe Now?

Where is Jeff Lowe Now1

Where is Jeff Lowe Now? – Former proprietor of the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Thackerville, Oklahoma, which was featured in the Netflix docuseries Tiger King, Jeff Lowe, has been permanently barred from showing animals.

Due to their alleged maltreatment of animals at the park and in their care, federal authorities accused the Lowes of breaking the Animal Welfare Act and the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The couple’s final animals will be removed from their care and rehoused elsewhere as a result of the consent decree. The Lowes will also be barred from suing the US in any future action involving this settlement and their previously owned animals, according to the decree.


Tiger King,’ a Netflix true-crime documentary series, began as a fascinating true-crime documentary series centred mostly on the feud between zookeeper Joe Exotic and animal rights activist Carole Baskin, but it gradually expanded to include other characters. Jeff Lowe, The Tiger King’s former business partner, is one such key figure who is accused of breaking all rules in order to gain money and have fun with various ladies. He’s not only a zookeeper, but also a con artist, as Season 2 demonstrated.

So, shall we now learn everything there is to know about him?

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Jeff Lowe's Journey in Tiger King

Jeff Lowe’s Journey in Tiger King

Jeff Lowe has exposed to large cats and other exotic animals at a young age, thanks to his grandfather, who started the Robbins Brothers Circus in 1928. He was said to have formed an unwavering love for them, which is why, when he learned about Joe Exotic’s and his G.W. Zoo’s financial difficulties, he volunteered to act as an investor.

After all, he’d made a lot of money from his other enterprises, such as pet stores, liquidation stores, and stealing money from the Citizens Opposed to Domestic Abuse charity by acting as an employee and redistributing donations.

Jeff became the true owner of the animal facility after Joe was arrested for his crimes, only to decide to relocate to Thackerville, Oklahoma. Despite the fact that his partnership with Tim Stark fell through, he went ahead with his plans and christened the new zoo, The Tiger King Park.

However, the construction wasn’t finished by the time he was mentioned in a lawsuit in which Carole Baskin claimed Joe owed her $1 million and a judge awarded her the G.W. Zoo as payment. As a result, Jeff had no choice but to move the animals to the new park and place them in small, temporary cages.

Federal authorities raided the wildlife garden before Jeff, and his wife Lauren were able to open it to the general public for breaching the Endangered Species Act. In May 2021, they relocated 68 lions, tigers, lion-tiger hybrids, and a jaguar.

The couple was also arrested on DUI charges over two weeks later. As if that weren’t enough, the Netflix series also revealed that the convicted felon, who once choked his ex-wife and still faces many charges in Las Vegas, attempted to have Joe Exotic assassinated before the plan to murder Carole was ever disclosed.

What happened to Jeff Lowe and Where Is He Now?

Despite the fact that Jeff Lowe claimed to seek Joe Exotic’s release in order to avoid possible accusations of animal mistreatment, he has failed to comment on Allen Glover’s assertions that he wanted to decapitate his then-partner in order to remove him from the equation.

In addition, Jeff is wanted in Las Vegas, where he is wanted on four bench warrants for failing to appear in court in September. The hearing was for Jeff’s unresolved 2017 charges of doing business without a permit (one count) and not having a wild animal licence (two counts) (three counts).

According to Jeff and Lauren’s social media accounts, everything is going great for them. However, in October 2021, their landlord sued them for “non-payment on the property,” in addition to all we’ve already covered. They also owe money to the state of Oklahoma, which accuses them of failing to pay a mandatory tax while operating the G.W. Zoo. The Lowes are proud parents who look to be pleased with their personal lives at the moment, but it appears that their legal issues, particularly Jeff’s, are far from ended.

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