Preaching Evil: Where is Warren Jeff’s Ex-Wife Naomie Jessop Now?

Where is Warren Jeff’s Ex-Wife Naomie Jessop Now

Where is Warren Jeff’s Ex-Wife Naomie Jessop Now? Let’s find out her. ‘Preaching Evil: A Wife on the Run with Warren Jeffs‘ tells the story of the famed Mormon fundamentalist from the perspective of his closest confidante Naomie Jessop, as the title suggests. It’s no news that the FLDS Church president went on the run for a while before being captured for sexually assaulting and molesting youngsters, but Naomie was right there with him.

She didn’t do anything wrong, but she did have knowledge of practically every one of his actions, so now you know everything there is to know about her.

“The four-episode documentary delivers a unique look into one of the most notorious cults,” according to Peacock, “including an exclusive interview with Jessop, Jeffs’ personal writer who was at his side for every step of his meteoric climb to power and his fall from grace.”

Interviews with Jeffs’ former wife, Vicki Thompson, and their children, Wendell and Sarah, as well as authorities engaged in the raid on the Zion Ranch and the lawyers who brought Jeffs to court, are included in the series.

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Who is Naomie Jessop

Naomie Jessop: Who Is She?

Naomie Jessop, who was born into the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS Church), seemed to have always accepted the FLDS Church’s radical polygamous teachings without question. One reason for this could be that she had 53 siblings (most of them were half-bloods from different mothers), and her family’s previous three generations (all males) had all occupied high-ranking positions within the sect.

In reality, after Warren Jeffs’ imprisonment, her father was briefly recognised as the “de facto head,” until the latter dismissed him in 2011 to manage the religion from behind bars. According to what we can determine, Naomie married then-president Rulon Jeffs, a man much older than she, before marrying his son shortly after his death in 2002.

Warren had married all but two of his father’s widows in less than a week, but she was one of the first, and because of their obvious fit, she quickly became his favourite. According to reports, they frequently hung out outside of community activities, with her even going so far as to wear a tank top, capris, and sandals with him on one occasion.

More crucially, according to the four-part Peacock documentary series, Naomie was one of Warren’s scribes, which means she practically recorded everything for him. This includes where they were each day, his every interaction, and his thoughts/plans, allegedly even when he was on the run in 2005 after sexual assault claims against him.

According to ‘Preaching Evil,’ Naomi not only stood by her husband but also played a key part in assisting him in remaining off the grid for the next year and a half. “I am very grateful to be the wife of our holy Prophet,” she once dreamed.

Where is Naomie Jessop Now

What Happened to Naomie Jessop and Where Is She Now?

Naomie Jessop and her brother were with Warren Jeffs when he was apprehended for good in August 2006 after being pulled over in Nevada for his car’s licence plate not being visible. The latter two, on the other hand, were released after questioning since there was no proof against them, and the denomination leader’s then-wife allegedly chose to avoid the spotlight.

As a result, we don’t know much about her current situation as of writing, except from the fact that she is alive, well, and no longer believed to be with Warren. With that said, we presume Naomie opted to be a part of the documentary series in order to move on from the past for good because it would have impacted her life in multiple ways anyway.

‘Preaching Evil: A Wife on the Run With Warren Jeffs’ premieres on Peacock’s True Crime Tuesday, April 26.

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