What Does C C C aa, a a. C C C x, and C C C s T Mean in “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone”?

What Does C C C aa, a a. C C C x, and C C C s T Mean in Mr. Harrigan’s Phone

What Does C C C aa, a a. C C C x, and C C C s T Mean in Mr. Harrigan’s Phone? – John Lee Hancock is the author and director of the 2022 American teen horror drama movie “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone.” It is based on Stephen King’s story of the same name from the anthology If It Bleeds. Donald Sutherland, Jaeden Martell, Joe Tippett, and Kirby Howell-Baptiste are the movie’s stars.

In Netflix movie “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone,” after his mother passes away, Craig meets retired businessman Mr. John Harrigan and is given the task of reading to him three times per week. Despite Harrigan displaying certain anti-social traits, Craig and Harrigan become closer over time. Craig enrols in high school around this period and grows close to his teacher Ms. Hart, who defends him when Kenny, a bully at school, tries to intimidate him. Craig buys Harrigan an iPhone after winning $3,000 from a lottery ticket Harrigan gave him, despite Harrigan’s first reluctance to new technology.

Unexpectedly, Harrigan passes away, leaving Craig grieving the loss of his longtime buddy. Craig smuggles Harrigan’s phone into his suit before the funeral. Then, knowing that Craig aspired to attend college and become a writer, Harrigan’s allies inform him that he was given a bequest in his will and will get $800,000 in his trust fund. Craig makes a brief apology and appreciation call to Harrigan. He learns, however, that Harrigan sent him a strange text message the following morning. His father assumes there was a flaw in the iPhone itself.

These communications first arrive to Craig in a fairly mysterious form. People are curious as to what these mysterious code messages, C C C aa, an a. C C C x, and C C C s T, represent. Check it out.

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What Does “C C C aa,” “a a. C C C x,” and “C C C s T” Mean

The meanings of “C C C aa,” “a a. C C C x,” and “C C C s T”

These signals are relatively obscure, as anyone who has read King’s novella or seen the film will attest, and neither the book nor the film fully explains their true meaning.

Stephen King used Twitter to solicit people’s best guesses on Wednesday.

Three texts are sent to Craig from Mr. Harrigan’s iPhone after he passes away:

  • CCCx
  • CCCaa
  • CCC sT

It’s important to note that after asking My Harrigan to take care of anything for him in the living world, Craig, in the story, at least assumed the final message, “CCC sT,” meant “Craig, stop.” However, the first two messages are left up for interpretation, and King’s tweet led to a variety of speculation from followers.

As promised, the author returned the following day to offer his version.

Stephen King wrote on twitter, “Messages from Mr. Harrigan’s haunted phone…and remember, this is just my interpretation; I was never 100% sure.

CCCx = Love from Mr. Harrigan

CCC aa = It hurts, it hurts (as in “Aahhh!”)

CCC sT = Craig, stop (almost everyone agrees; I do, too).”

It seems logical, doesn’t it? Mr. Harrigan is showing his affection for Craig from beyond the grave, but he also seems uneasy about the effort it will take to reply to Craig’s messages, deal with Craig’s real-world issues, or both. Finally, he is telling him to stop because both of them are being severely harmed by Craig’s demands.

And why are the messages in code, exactly? King also outlined that.

The text messages could be Harrigan’s way of telling the young Craig that he shouldn’t count on him to be there for him at all times.

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