What Does the ‘DMZ’ Title Mean? Is ‘DMZ’ Series Based on a Comic Book?

What Is the Meaning of DMZ Title

Roberto Patino’s film ‘DMZ‘ follows Alma Ortega, a New York City nurse who travels to the politically dangerous Manhattan island in quest of her long-lost son.

The dystopian drama series explores a variety of subjects and goes deeper into the socio-cultural disparities and divisions that exist in New York City. The series has garnered favourable reviews from critics, and it has a complicated storey that successfully integrates political and family issues.

Some viewers, on the other hand, must be inquisitive about the show’s title and whether it is based on a video game or a comic book. Here’s all we’ve found on the subject for those who are interested!

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Is 'DMZ' TV Series Based on Comic Book

What Does the ‘DMZ’ Title Mean?

DMZ‘ is set in an alternate future in which America is in the midst of its Second Civil War.

Although the four-episode miniseries does not go further into the struggle that has engulfed New York City and the United States as a whole, it does provide some subtle clues about the country’s current state of affairs.

The nature of the dystopia in which the series is situated explains the importance of the show’s title. The majority of the series takes place on the island of Manhattan. During the fight, however, Manhattan has been declared a demilitarised zone.

A demilitarised zone is an area where the military activity of any type is prohibited by an agreement between two hostile parties or armies.

The Korean Demilitarized Zone and the Cypriot Demilitarized Zone are two significant instances of real-life demilitarised zones. A demilitarised zone is abbreviated as DMZ.

Is 'DMZ' Series Based on Comic Book

Is ‘DMZ’ TV Series Based on Comic Book?

It’s natural that the show’s creators chose to name the series after the Manhattan demilitarised zone, which serves as the show’s principal setting.

The term “DMZ” is well-known among gamers. ‘DMZ: North Korea,’ a popular third-person shooter game, may be mistaken for the show’s inspiration by certain viewers.

The show, however, is based on Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchielli’s ‘DMZ’ comic book series. The US Army is pitted against the Free States of America, a secessionist force, in the comic book.

The troops at Manhattan come to a deadlock after a series of clashes. As a result, the army occupied the surrounding areas, while Manhattan becomes a demilitarised zone (DMZ).

Various Manhattan inhabitants are evacuated, but a few remain, either by choice or by necessity. The evacuation acts as the series’ instigating incident, thus linking the show’s title to the plot. Finally, the term ‘DMZ’ alludes to the show’s major setting and source material.