What Exactly Is a Sample? What Is ‘The Silent Sea’s’ Lunar Water?

What Is 'The Silent Sea's' Lunar Water

Choi Hang-yang directs The Silent Sea, an upcoming Netflix Original sci-fi K-Drama series.

Park Eun-Kyo, who helped adapt Choi Han-2014 yang’s short film The Sea of Tranquility into a television series, wrote the series.

Netflix’s new science fiction series is part of a $500 million investment in South Korean entertainment. In January 2020, the project was originally unveiled.

The Silent Sea,’ a South Korean space horror series, is set in a dystopian future. Water has become the rarest and most valuable commodity on the planet, prompting countries to enact legislation to regulate its distribution.

Captain Han Yunjae (Gong Yoo), astrobiologist turned ethologist Dr. Song Jian (Kim Sun-young), and the rest of the Nuri 11 crew are charged with retrieving something known as the “Sample” from the Balhae Lunar Research Station.

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What Is The Silent Sea's Sample

What Is The Silent Sea’s Sample?

One hundred seventeen individuals died in a tragic occurrence at Balhae five years before the current happenings.

The Nuri 11 crew is told during a meeting prior to the mission that they must collect a crucial “Sample” before the station is permanently shut down.

The Sample is maintained in capsules designed to keep the temperature low. The crew has 24 hours after landing on the moon to find the Sample.

Director Choi states they don’t know anything about the drug when Dr. Song asks for further details.

This later turns out to be untrue. She has all of the knowledge she needs to warn the crew about the dangers they will face at the facility, but she decides to keep it hidden.

Initially, it was thought that capsules containing the chemical might be located in the three storages. The Nuri 11 crew finds a lot of capsules, but they’re all empty.

Gisu is fatally attacked when he discovers a pill that contains the poison. Luna, a small girl who was the sole survivor of the accident five years ago, is subsequently revealed to be the attacker.

Throughout the complex, the group discovers multiple dead bodies. Official reports claim that these people died as a result of a radiation leak, but the crew of Nuri 11 learns that the bodies show indications of drowning.

They subsequently discover a secret storage room packed with capsules still containing the drug.

What Is Lunar Water and How Does It Work

What Is Lunar Water and How Does It Work?

The Sample and the water from the moon are the same things. It’s for this reason that the crew has travelled to Balhae.

However, there are some characteristics of lunar water that set it apart from ordinary water. When it comes into contact with biological matter, it begins to reproduce exponentially.

As a result, even a molecule of it can cause a person to drown from within. That’s what happened to the Balhae researchers and employees five years ago.

They looked at cell fusion and genetic combinations to come up with a way to make lunar water drinkable. They created clones to use in their experiments.

Luna is the clone they were successful with.

Director Choi and the rest of the administration were worried about how the public would respond if they learned about the horrors done at Balhae after a few researchers were exposed to lunar water.

As a result, they agreed to keep the whole thing under wraps. The military was dispatched to the site to guarantee that no one escaped.

Dr. Song was chosen by Director Choi for this same reason. She came to the conclusion that Dr. Song would not make her findings public because it would jeopardise her sister’s image as the head of research at Balhae.

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