What Happened to David Nelson from ‘My 600-lb Life’ And Where Is He Now?

Where is David Nelson From My 600-lb Life Now

My 600-lb Life,’ a TLC reality series, explores the stories of morbidly obese people as they struggle to lose weight in order to live a better life.

To illustrate the devastating cost of addiction, it essentially explores all areas of their physical and mental journey under the watchful guidance of Dr. Now, who supplies them with every means to attain their goal.

As a result, while some people make rapid progress right away, others, like David Nelson from season 10 episode 15, take much longer.

Everything we know about him is included below!

David Nelson’s My 600-lb Life Journey

David Nelson’s Journey in TLC ‘My 600-lb Life’ Series

David Nelson, 30, of Idaho Falls, Idaho, was at a place in his life where his large frame was affecting both his mobility and his overall health when we first met him.

That went far beyond chronic back and muscle discomfort, especially since he needed the assistance of a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine to sleep.

Unfortunately, it all started when David was a small child. Food became his only actual source of true consolation as a result of the trauma of never having a secure home or even caring adults.

David’s mother was a heroin addict who gave birth to him at the age of 13, and his father was never involved in his life.

As a result, the small child was thrown into the system, where he was frequently nurtured by foster parents who were only doing it for the money.

Because there was always the potential of not being fed again for days, David learned to eat as much as he could at any given time.

He was adopted by the Nelsons when he was six years old, but even they were cruel – his father used to beat him with a belt, and his mother once smacked him so hard that he broke his nose.

David Nelson's Journey in TLC 'My 600-lb Life' Series

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As a result, David ate to feel better, gaining over 250 pounds by the time he was in middle school.

He continued to be active through football and wrestling, but that changed when he was kicked out of his house at the age of 15/16 for having a party while his parents were away attending the death of his adoptive grandmother.

David’s ensuing downward spiral nearly forced him to drop out of school, and it was only the intervention of foster mother Robin, who saved him in more ways than one.

His sadness and food addiction, on the other hand, remained constant.

David’s fight with Cellulitis infection, which nearly claimed his life, served as the final wake-up call.

As a result, he reached out to Dr. Now for some much-needed assistance. At the time, he weighed in at 763 pounds.

He lost roughly 68 pounds in just a few months after starting the programme and was promptly authorised for surgery.

The requirement at the time was for David to lose another 30 pounds and relocate to Houston.

However, when he returned to the 730s, circumstances changed, and Dr. Now had no choice except to cancel his surgery.

Where is David Nelson Now

What Happened to David Nelson And Where Is He Now?

David Nelson was adamant about achieving his objectives, as indicated by the fact that he followed every single piece of advice and condition made by the Iranian-American surgeon.

In other words, he not only followed the diet and exercise plans given to him, but he also went to counselling, completed his schoolwork, and relocated to Houston, Texas, to become more self-sufficient.

David may have made mistakes in the past, but by not allowing them to deter him, he was able to lose 94 pounds and get approved for assist surgery once more.

Due to his lack of public presence on social media, it’s unknown whether David Nelson has already undergone surgery or not.

With each passing day, however, it’s likely that he’s continuing his weight loss quest in Texas to the best of his skills.

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