What Has Happened to ‘Jason Cofell and Dan Cowell’ in the 1991 Murder Case?

Jason Cofell and Dan Cowell

Following the news of a grisly triple murder in Chatham, Ontario, Canada, residents worried for their lives until the perpetrators were apprehended.

The Case That Haunts Me: The Orion Project‘ on Investigation Discovery dives into the 1991 killings of Jasen Pangburn and his grandparents, Alfred and Virginia Critchley.

Authorities worked a complicated case, tracking out the people guilty for the missing things from the house: Jason Cofell and Dan Cowell.

So, how about we find out more about what happened?

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Jason Shawn Cofell

Who Are Jason Cofell and Dan Cowell, and What Did They Do?

On the evening of October 18, 1991, Chatham police were called to investigate a savage attack on an elderly couple at their house.

Inside, they discovered Alfred Critchley, 75, with three stab wounds in the toilet.

Virginia, 73, was found in the house with 23 stab wounds and was in critical condition.

According to the show, Alfred died in surgery, but Virginia never arrived at the hospital.

The Critchleys’ grandson, 18-year-old Jasen Pangburn, was found shot in the heart with a .22-caliber revolver during a search of the surrounding area.

He was also struck in the head by the butt of the rifle. In addition, several firearms were stolen from the residence, according to the episode, and Virginia told authorities before she died that two youths were responsible for the attack.

As a result, it was critical to locate the missing firearms in order to obtain any leads on the killers.

According to the show, an eyewitness claimed to have seen a pickup truck parked outside at the time of the attack.

When Jasen’s mother was questioned, she recalled someone stopping by their house a few days before asking for her son in the same vehicle.

Jason Cofell, 18, was apprehended as a result of this. In addition, the police discovered that he and Jasen had served together in the Essex Kent Scottish Militia Regiment, which provided them with another link.

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Authorities soon examined Jason’s property and discovered the missing firearms as well as Alfred’s wallet.

They discovered that the accomplice was Dan Cowell, another adolescent. Jason had been involved in illicit firearms trafficking and hoped that the Pangburn boy would inform the authorities.

As a result, Jason hatched a plan to murder him. The two then rushed to the house and killed the grandparents after following out their plan in the field.

According to the episode, Dan acknowledged to stabbing Virginia before Jason repeatedly stabbed her.

Jason Cofell after life sentence

What Has Happened to Jason Cofell and Dan Cowell?

Jason was convicted of three charges of first-degree murder in 1992 and sentenced to life imprisonment with a 25-year parole potential.

Dan agreed to plead guilty to second-degree murder & he received a three-year sentence, according to the episode.

Although he is believed to have been released, there is little information about his current whereabouts.

Jason was given release with conditions in May of 2016. Afterward, he was allowed to spend five nights a week at his home or at his mother’s house.

At the age of 46, Jason was given complete release in January 2020. However, he was forced to continue to visit a psychologist, not be involved in any illegal activity, and have no contact with the victims’ families or members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Jason was said to be working at a factory while continuing to run his leather business. He was also thought to have a minimal chance of reoffending.

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