The Time Traveler’s Wife: When & How Did Henry and Clare First Meet?

When Henry and Clare Met, How Old were They

When Did Henry and Clare First Meet? How Old Were They? How Did They Meet? Let’s find out the answers of all these questions. Henry is a regular guy with a unique ability: he carries a gene that permits him to travel through time unintentionally. Claire, his wife, has trouble coping with his abilities.

The Time Traveler’s Wife,’ on HBO, explores Henry and Clare’s amazing romance, which is impeded by the former’s proclivity for time travel. They meet at separate times and on distinct timelines. Henry even sends Clare a list of prospective meeting dates at one of their first meetings.

The major connection in the programme has a lot of back and forth (literally), so let us break it down for you. In ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife,’ this is how Henry and Clare meet.

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When Did Henry and Clare First Meet

When did Henry and Clare Meet for the First Time?

The series, like Audrey Niffenegger’s 2003 novel on which it is based, begins with Clare and Henry meeting for the first time in an organic way. This is the first time the two have met without using time travel. Clare, who has been visited by earlier versions of Henry since she was a child, recognises him at this point.

However, Henry does not recognise her because he does not begin to travel back in time to meet Clare until years later. Because of the story’s temporal back and forth, the two key characters meet for the first time on two consecutive times. While Henry meets Clare for the first time at the library, Clare first encounters Henry as a youngster while playing in the woods.

Henry is older at this point and has already married Clare in his own time period. Henry provides young Clare with a schedule of dates on which he will travel back in time to meet her during one of their first meetings.

When Henry and Clare Met, How Old were They?

Clare (Rose Leslie and Theo James as Clare and Henry) is 20 years old and a blossoming artist when she meets Henry at the library. At the time, Henry, who works at the library, is 28 years old. When Henry meets Clare, who is only seven years old, it is uncertain how old he is. She subsequently confesses that Henry was between 30 and 40 years old when he used to visit her as a child. We see the two as a married couple later in the show. Henry is 36 years old, and Clare is 28.

How Did Henry and Clare Meet

What Brought Henry and Clare Together?

Clare recognises Henry when she sees him in the library where he works. This is because, since she was a youngster, she has been visited by earlier incarnations of Henry. As a result, she recognises Henry in the library as the youngest version she has ever seen.

Henry, for one, does not recognise Clare when she approaches him in the library. This is because only his elder versions of himself have visited her in the past. As a result, when Clare recognises Henry working in the library, he has never met her.

Clare is initially visited by an older version of Henry as a child, who asks her to assist him in finding some clothing. Henry promises to return frequently to meet her and even gives her the aforementioned list of dates, and the two rapidly become friends. Henry has already decided that he will marry Clare in the future.

Henry returns to his own timeline, where he is married to Clare, after meeting her for the first time, and informs her where he has been. He mentions how a younger version of her tossed a shoe at him, which is something Clare does when she first encounters Henry at the age of seven.

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