When is the ‘Women of the Movement’ Held? What is the Filming location of the Show?

'Women of the Movement' Based on True Story

Women of the Movement,’ a powerful historical series on ABC, chronicles one of America’s most volatile periods.

Marissa Jo Cerar’s show illustrates the intensity of racial persecutions and segregation that persisted in the history of the United States, with the terrible murder of Emmett Till as the core.

Mamie Till-incredible Mobley’s efforts to call national attention to her son’s terrible murder are also depicted in the programme.

Our readers must be wondering when and where the period drama takes place, given how well it captures the subtleties and uniqueness of the country’s turbulent past.

Let’s see what we can find out!

Mamie Till, mother of Emmett Till

When is the ‘Women of the Movement’ held?

In July 1941, Mamie Till-Mobley gave birth to Emmett Till, and ‘Women of the Movement‘ started. Emmett is fourteen years old when the episode picked up in 1955.

The majority of the historical drama is set in 1955, and it depicts Emmett’s kidnapping, murder, and subsequent murder trial.

The show’s storey is set against the backdrop of the civil rights movement, with African American groups, news reporters, and other powerful personalities loudly condemning racial violence.

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The narrative matches the timetable of the actual events because the limited series is based on the real-life murder of Emmett Till.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, a crucial group that was part of the Civil Rights Movement throughout the 1950s and 1960s, assists Mamie in her efforts to call national attention to her son’s murder in the performance.

‘Women of the Movement’ also succeeds in exposing white supremacy in the 1950s, revealing the nature and methods of the white-dominated police and judiciary of the period.

Women of the Movement Filming in Chicago, Illinois

What is the Location of Women of the Movement?

The action of ‘Women of the Movement’ takes place mostly in Chicago, Illinois, and Money, Mississippi. Mamie Till-scenes Mobley’s in the show is mostly set in Chicago, where Emmett lived with his mother before his death.

In comparison to Mississippi, Chicago is portrayed as a progressive city in the limited series. Before the former’s death, Emmett and Mamie lived on South St Lawrence Avenue in the city.

Other major scenes in the show take place in East Money, Mississippi. The Jim Crow laws and harsh racial discrimination made the state famous in the 1950s.

Women of the Movement Filming in East Money, Mississippi

But, as the historical drama illustrates, there was a dreadful split in the state throughout the 1950s between African Americans and white people, which persisted in numerous aspects of society, from the police force to court juries.

Emmett’s brutality resulted from vile racial behaviour among a segment of the white community in Money.

Chicago and Money represent the two extremities of African Americans living in ‘Women of the Movement.’ Emmett is cruelly lynched and barbarically murdered in Money, while Mamie leads a respectable life in Chicago.

The two locales also aid the storey in contrasting and comparing the two locations in order to highlight the intensity of racism in the Jim Crow South.