When Was Teeter (Jennifer Landon) Gets Her ‘Y’ Brand on Yellowstone Season 4?

Teeter Gets Branded on Yellowstone

The tension between Walker and Lloyd heats up in season 4 of ‘Yellowstone,’ to the point where the entire ranch is enveloped in it.

John is compelled to intervene and calm things down. Teeter and John had a major disagreement due to John’s decision.

The scene refers to a pivotal set of events from the programme’s 3rd season, and it will serve as a reminder to fans of Teeter’s branding.

Naturally, given the amount of time that has passed since then, viewers may have forgotten the significance of the brand and the circumstances that led to Teeter’s branding.

Some readers, on the other hand, would be intrigued if John used the brand. We’ve decided to compile all of the information for you right here!

Teeter on Yellowstone

When did Teeter Get her ‘Y’ Brand on Yellowstone Season 4?

A big “Y” emblem signifies the sign of loyalty on the Yellowstone Ranch, the Yellowstone brand.

It also marks the beginning of a new chapter in life for people who have made mistakes in the past and have engaged in criminal activity.

Rip and Lloyd, the ranch’s constants, proudly wear the brand, while others, like Walker, wear it reluctantly.

Teeter joins the bunkhouse gang in the third season when Rip hires some more hands to help with the ranch’s labour.

Teeter is feisty and vivacious, and she proves herself deserving of her seat on the ranch. She does not, however, join the inner circle until the third season.

Teeter and Colby seek vengeance against Wade Morrow after surviving an attack perpetrated by him.

In the 3rd season’s ninth episode, Rip assists the ranch hands in obtaining their vengeance, and the group is successful in killing Wade.

Rip, on the other hand, reminds them that revenge comes at a cost that is being brutally branded. Rip, therefore, ensures Teeter’s, Colby’s, Ryan’s, and the other’s devotion.

Teeter swears her allegiance to the ranch and becomes the first woman to own the Yellowstone brand in the process.

John Dutton Gets Branded Or Not

Is John Dutton Have a ‘Brand’ Already?

Teeter asks John to let her stay on the ranch in the 7th episode of season 4, revealing that she has the Yellowstone brand tattooed on her chest.

John grudgingly decides to let Teeter stay on the property because the brand is also a symbol of family.

Teeter’s discussion with John about the brand’s value and relevance must have made viewers wonder if John wears the brand himself.

However, there has been no proof of this in the show thus far.

In theory, branding acts as a mark of ownership for cattle, indicating the ranch where they were born.

Building on that foundation, it’s reasonable to say that the brand is the closest thing the ranch’s employees have to the Dutton family name when it comes to becoming a part of the family.

It is not necessary for John to be branded because he is the ranch’s owner and a Dutton by birth.

The ranch hands, on the other hand, are relative outsiders who are linked to the Dutton family by the brand.

Kayce is the only member of the Dutton family who wears the brand. He was, however, branded as a form of punishment.

As a result, it’s safe to argue that John’s brand is distinct from that of his employees.