Where Are Barbara and Todd Kendhammer’s Kids “Jessica Servais and Jordan Kendhammer” Now?

Barbara and Todd Kendhammer With Family

48 Hours: Mystery on County Road M,’ a CBS special, examines not only the tragic murder of Barbara Kendhammer, 46, in 2016 but also the perplexing aftermath.

After all, while her 25-year-old husband insists that she died in a freak accident, authorities believe he murdered her and fabricated the scene.

The most remarkable part, however, is that despite their father’s premeditated murder conviction, both of Barbara and Todd Kendhammer’s children support him.

So, if you want to learn more about them, we’ve got all the information you need.

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Jessica Servais and Jordan Kendhammer: Who Are They?

Jessica Servais and Jordan Kendhammer have always claimed that their parents were still in love after growing up in what they can only describe as a blissful home in West Salem, Wisconsin.

On ’48 Hours,’ Barbara and Todd’s daughter Jessica claimed, “Whatever my mom wanted, my dad gave it to her.” “They were at a great place in their lives since they had their first grandchild and were financially secure.”

Jordan, her younger brother, has already backed up this claim, stating that he has never seen them argue, let alone have an incident.

The brothers were heartbroken after their mother died in September 2016, but what startled them the most was their father’s arrest three months later.

They’d seen him struggle to cope with the devastating loss and had gone through the grieving process with him, so they couldn’t picture his actions being fatal.

When Todd was put on trial in late 2017, Jessica and Jordan testified in his defence, describing their parents’ love as “wonderful.” “I try to model my marriage after theirs,” the former went so far as to remark.

Jessica Servais
Jessica Servais

Jessica Servais and Jordan Kendhammer: Where Are They Now?

Despite the best efforts of Jessica Servais and Jordan Kendhammer, their father was found guilty of first-degree intentional homicide.

Todd’s daughter spoke at his sentencing hearing as well, most likely in an attempt to garner him some leniency: “My father is an amazing, kind, and compassionate person.” And for my entire life, he has been nothing but nice and compassionate to everyone he meets.”

Following that, the brother-sister combination contacted additional attorneys to try to get Todd’s conviction overturned for good once the proceedings were completed with the judgement of Todd’s life sentence (with parole after 30 years).

Jessica and Jordan believe that the prosecutors never fully answered the essential questions and that their father should be tried again at the very least.

Jordan Kendhammer
Jordan Kendhammer

In the CBS broadcast, the older of the siblings claimed, “They never actually said how he killed her or what he did to stage things.” “If he meant to murder Ma, why the heck would he go to all that trouble to find a pipe, drive all the way out to the middle of a busy road,” her brother responded. Jessica said, “He has like 28 firearms in the basement.”

As a result, it looks that they are still fighting for their father’s freedom, all the while keeping their mother’s memories alive in their hearts.

To put it another way, neither Jessica nor Jordan want this single alarming incident to be the cause of the deaths of both of their parents, albeit in very different ways.

When it comes to their personal lives, Jordan works in the labour industry in West Salem, and all we know about Jessica is that she is a happily married mother of a little daughter.