Netflix’s Dated and Related: Where are Corrina and Joey Roppo Now?

Where are Dated and Related Corrina and Joey Roppo Now

Where are Dated & Related’s Corrina and Joey Roppo Now? – In the reality TV show Dated & Related on Netflix, siblings are forced to step outside of their comfort zone to find love. The “worst embarrassing dating show ever,” as the streaming giant put it in its announcement of the show’s debut. The television series was released on Friday, September 2, 2022.

The first trailer for the Netflix series, which follows eight sets of siblings as they travel to the South of France in search of love and encounter plenty of drama, was just released. Sibling pairs who are dating and partnered with other siblings will be featured in Dated & Related. Drama will unavoidably occur in their quest to find true love, and it goes without saying.

Joey and Corrina Roppo of Monroe, Snohomish County, were among the sibling pairs that were imprisoned in a home in Cannes, France, in the first episode of “Dated & Related.”

When they made their debut in season 1, Corrina and Joey Roppo captured the public’s interest. If you want to know more about Corrina and Joey Roppo and their current whereabouts, keep reading below.

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Who Are Corrina and Joey Roppo

Who Are Corrina and Joey Roppo?

Corrina Roppo, a 24-year-old TV personality, competes with her siblings in the dating competition reality series “Dated & Related” on Netflix. Since they were both picked for Season 1 of “Dated & Related” in the spring of 2021 after a casting director noticed their TikTok dances, Corrina brought her elder brother, Joey Roppo, as her sidekick. The contestants were all allowed to live in a lavish villa in the south of France, where they had the chance to fall in love and win $100,000.

In 1998, Joe Roppo and Carley Roppo welcomed Corrina Roppo, also known as Corrina Marie, into the world in Snohomish County, Washington. She shared a good upbringing with her older brother, Joey. They both attended the same school, but Corrina is more into music than Joey is into sports. Her musical journey began with purchasing instruments like the piano and guitar. She progressively got better at singing. According to sources, Corrina graduated from high school and studied music.

At age 16, Corrina started acting. She used to perform at neighborhood restaurants, which aided in her rise to notoriety there. She started working jobs and acting on stage at Washington’s renowned Historic Everett Theatre. She auditioned for an American Idol when she was 20 years old (2018). In “AI,” Corrina appeared, albeit not as a candidate. She performed the show’s anthem with the other top seven contenders throughout the musical tour. Even when she posted her song “Body Heat” to YouTube in 2021, audiences did not respond well to it.

Former NCAA basketball player Joey Roppo, 29, is a contestant in the September 2-debuting Netflix dating series “Dated & Related.” Joey was a basketball player for a college team who was awarded a Boeing scholarship.

Joey Roppo was born in Seattle, Washington, in 1994. Joey’s parents were Joe Roppo and Carley Roppo, who are Christians. Joey’s father spent every weekend playing basketball with him because it had been his son’s passion since he was a small child. When Joey was 16 years old, he joined his high school team and started participating. To play collegiate football and obtain a bachelor’s degree in information technology and administrative management, he enrolled at the University of Central Washington in 2011. After graduating, he enrolled in a master’s program. He excelled in college to the point where one of his professors suggested that he be considered for the ITAM Boeing scholarship.

Where Are Joey Roppo and Corrina Roppo Now?

The Roppo sisters had been employed as singers and music teachers before appearing in the Netflix series. Corrina and Joey appear to be leading fulfilling lives. On her upcoming album, Corrina Roppo is currently working. She also teaches music and gives lessons; this was her main source of income until she appeared in the Netflix series. Nowadays, it’s difficult to become a successful artist due to competition. Corrina overcame many obstacles to pursue her dream of being an artist, but her brother has always inspired her. For his little sister, Joey is always there. Corrina greatly admires social networking. She posts lip-syncing videos daily to her TikTok account (@corrinaroppo).

After completing his education, Joey, on the other hand, gave up basketball and moved to Renton to work as a marketing coordinator for Elan Marketing Inc. He only stayed for a short while since, in 2018, he was allowed to work as a logistics expert for Black Rhino Marketing. During his time there, Joey developed both personally and professionally. He is currently employed by a company called Expeditors as a customs broker. “Dated & Related” opens a new chapter in his life after more than four years of corporate work.

Joey is a multi-talented person with a stellar academic record, was a fantastic athlete in the past, and has the appearance of a model. However, did you know that he is also an excellent dancer? Yes, Joey is familiar with various dance forms, including pop-locking, hip-hop, and freestyle. Visit his TikTok account, where you can find many videos of him dancing if you want to see him dance. He and his sister started posting these videos on April 20, 2020, and his first video received 589.2k views.

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