Where Have ‘David Moffitt & Angie Ver Huel’ Gone After Justin Michael’s Murder?

Justin Michael Murder Case

Justin Michael was found shot to death in his own bed on May 8, 2014, in a horrific incident that terrified the residents of Grimes, Iowa.

Yet, surprisingly, the presence of Justin’s mother, Marie Michael, and the victim’s fiancee, Angie Ver Huel, in the same room did not stop the culprit from committing the crime.

A Time to Kill: Murder on His Mind,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, explores the brutal murder and depicts how a stroke of luck led detectives right to the culprit.

Let’s get into the specifics of this case and figure out where the criminal is right now.

What Caused Justin Michael’s Death?

Justin Michael was a man who yearned for adventure and thrills, according to many who knew him.

He also valued community service and was recognised for bringing joy to everyone he met.

Michael was a valued and respected member of society who worked at a local Wells Fargo and was a hard worker.

He was also engaged to Angie Ver Huel, with whom he shared a happy and cheerful life.

In the early hours of May 8, 2014, authorities in Grimes, Iowa, were alerted to the incident after receiving a panicked 911 call.

When first responders arrived, they discovered Michael dead and bleeding in his bed.

A first medical examination revealed four bullet wounds from what seemed to be an assault weapon, and an autopsy later revealed that Michael died due to the same wounds.

Justin Michael File Photo

Surprisingly, Michael’s fiancee said she was shocked awake by the gunshot while lying near him at the time of the incident.

He rushed for the door before she could respond or get a decent look at the murderer. Meanwhile, Michael’s mother, Marie Michael, said that a man clad all in black broke into her room and shone a red laser on her face moments before the gunshots were heard.

The police also discovered an unplugged DVD player at the crime site, which they suspect was set by the criminal to make it appear as if it were a heist gone wrong.

Justin and Angie

Who Was Justin Michael’s Killer?

Deputies discovered a car wreck near Granger, Iowa, about five and a half miles from Michael’s house, around 30 minutes after the homicide.

David Moffitt, the driver who was involved in the vehicle accident, was eventually sent home in a cab.

When officials returned to the accident scene the next morning to investigate, they discovered two magazines full of bullets that matched the shell casing found at the crime scene.

A set of ear-muffs identical to those worn by shooters, as well as a receipt for a gun in Andrew Wegner’s name, were also found.

Wegner was revealed to be one of Angie’s ex-boyfriends and had no involvement in Michael’s death.

David Moffitt Killer

When the authorities shifted their attention to David Moffitt, they discovered that he had been dating Angie for several months prior to meeting Michael.

Despite Angie’s best efforts to leave their relationship gently, David was infamous for sending obscene texts to his former.

When the cops went to David’s house, they discovered a phoney ID with Andrew’s name on it, proving that the former was attempting to frame Andrew for the homicide.

They even tracked down the firearm’s purchase receipt, discovering that David had purchased the weapon in Andrew’s name.

Officers apprehended David Moffitt and charged him with murder and burglary after gathering sufficient compelling evidence against him.

Justin Michael’s Killer’s Trial and Conviction

David’s trial began on June 23, 2015.

According to the prosecution, David entered Justin and Angie’s house through the back door, which was unlocked.

He went to the incorrect bedroom at first, which was Marie’s, and then shot Justin out of jealousy in the master bedroom.

David is also thought to have been involved in an automobile accident after disposing of the murder weapon.

David’s defence claimed he was insane at the time of the murder and was enraged when he learned Justin and Angie were engaged.

David Moffitt was convicted and condemned to life in prison with no chance of release.

What Has Happened to David Moffitt & Where is He?

David Moffitt pleaded not guilty after being brought to court, claiming that he was not in control of his senses at the time of the incident.

However, he was found guilty of first-degree murder and first-degree burglary in the end.

David was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of release in 2015, based on his conviction.

As a result, David is still imprisoned at the Iowa State Penitentiary in Fort Madison, Iowa.

Angie Ver Huel

What Has Happened to Angie Ver Huel & Where Is She?

Angie Ver Huel was unharmed in the incident and aided the inquiry in every manner she could.

She ensured David’s conviction and was an active participant in his trial. She has, however, preferred a life of isolation since then and avoids public attention.

Angie worked as a math teacher at a local middle school in 2015, according to sources.

Her current whereabouts, however, are unknown due to a lack of recent news about her life.