Jerry Michael Williams Murder: Where Is Brian Winchester Today?

Where Is Brian Winchester Today

Where Is Brian Winchester in Jerry Michael Williams Murder case now? – Jerry Michael Williams’ abduction and murder remained a mystery for nearly 18 years. He left home with his boat on the morning of December 16, 2000, to go duck hunting on Lake Seminole, but he never returned. Denise Williams, his wife, filed a missing person’s report 12 hours later, and a large number of first responders searched up to 5 acres but found nothing.

Jerry, or Mike as he preferred to be called, was said to have drowned after falling from his boat, and his body had been eaten by alligators. The actuality, as depicted in ‘48 Hours,’ was even stranger. Mike’s own wife and best friend, Brian Winchester, had plotted his assassination. Do you want to learn more about Brian?

Here’s everything we know so far.

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Brian Winchester
Brian Winchester

Brian Winchester: Who Is He?

Brian Winchester worked as an insurance agent and was having an affair with the wife of one of his best friends. Brian and Denise experienced their first kiss after a Sister Hazel concert in 1997, when their respective husbands were out in the parking lot. They did not end their affair at that point; instead, they prolonged it and became in love. Denise was concerned about her appearance and social position while Brian divorced his wife to be with her. She didn’t want to be known as a divorcee or have to share custody of her kid, so she devised a scheme to get Mike out of the picture for good.

She had meticulously prepared every detail. Brian would go duck hunting with her husband while she stayed at home with her daughter. When the time was right, he would toss Mike into the lake and flee the area, making it appear as though Mike had always been alone there and had drowned by accident.

The human component, on the other hand, was something she hadn’t anticipated. Brian panicked and grabbed out his shotgun when Mike began battling and pushing against his best friend. After that, he shot him in the face at point-blank range.

Jerry Michael Williams
Jerry Michael Williams

Brian left the site as planned, but he also took Mike’s body, which was homicide evidence. He buried Mike in the muck near Carr Lake, 60 miles away from the actual crime scene. Brian and Denise married in 2005, after the dust had calmed and Mike had been certified legally dead. Their relationship, however, did not turn out to be as pleasant and satisfying as they had hoped. So they split up in 2012, and Denise filed for divorce three years later.

Denise was kidnapped in her automobile by Brian in 2016, and when she was finally released, she filed a kidnapping case with the police. He was sentenced to 20 years in jail for kidnapping a year later. However, the investigators had already focused on their relationship and its possible connection to Denise’s first husband’s puzzling case. In the end, Brian broke down and confessed to everything in exchange for complete immunity in this case.

Who killed Jerry Michael Williams
From left Brian Winchester, Denise Williams

What Has Happened to Brian Winchester and Where Is He Now?

Brian Winchester is still behind bars, serving his term for Denise’s kidnapping. In terms of his connection to Mike’s case, his immunity agreement stipulated that he testify in court against Denise and provide the complete truth. So, when Brian kept his end of the agreement in 2019, lawmakers did as well, and Brian was not charged with any charges in connection with Jerry Michael William’s death. Brian will be released after serving his 20-year term.

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