Where is Helen and Megan’s Sister Ashley Hargan Today?

Where is Helen and Megan’s Sister Ashley Hargan Now

Where is Helen and Megan’s Sister Ashley Hargan Now? – Megan Hargan, the family’s eldest daughter, is said to have used a.22 calibre rifle to shoot her mother Pamela, 63, and then her sister Helen Hargan, 23. Later, she created a scheme to accuse her deceased sister of their mother’s murder and sent fake texts.

This year, Megan was convicted guilty of her crimes after the jury heard incriminating testimony against her. The date of her sentence is set on October 28.

Initial reports said Helen Hargan, 23, committed a murder-suicide; however, Megan Hargan, who was Helen’s sister, was found to be the real murderer. Ashley Hargan, the third sister, found it difficult to accept what had transpired amidst all of this. Here is all we know in case you were wondering how she could be doing right now.

The tragic story that began in McLean, Virginia, in July 2017 is the subject of CBS News episode “48 Hours: Death Hits Home: The Hargan Killings.”

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Who is Ashley Hargan?

Megan, her kid, and Helen were residing in the McLean home Pamela shared with Megan at the time of the event. However, Megan and her kid weren’t at home on the afternoon of July 15, 2017. The bodies of Pamela and Helen, who had both been shot with a.22-caliber rifle, were what the police found. Ashley Hargan was the middle sister, while Helen was the youngest.

The police eventually contacted the family, and Megan was travelling to West Virginia with her daughter when she got the call informing her that the remains had been discovered. Megan turned around and followed Ashley there. Megan and Ashley were inconsolable, crying, and repeatedly exclaimed, “I don’t understand,” as they spoke with the police. But a short while afterwards, Megan identified Helen as the murderer.

According to Megan, Pamela wanted to abandon plans to offer Helen a new house, who later informed the police. This was because of Pamela’s disagreement with Helen’s boyfriend and her intention to live with him. Helen became angry as a result. “Helen had been so angry all the time over everything. I just don’t understand why. She could have the greatest life ever,” Megan said. Just why I don’t know. She might lead the ideal life ever. Ashley informed the cops that their mother wanted to stage an intervention because she thought Helen was abusing drugs. The middle sister added that Helen had previously attempted her life.

Where is Ashley Hargan Now?

In the end, it was discovered that Megan had murdered her mother and sister to obtain her mother’s money. Ashley, who was visibly upset when she testified in court after being found guilty of the killings, said, “I can’t explain how terrifying it is to know that a murderer is in your family. I was supposed to be there that weekend.”

She also discussed how she dealt with PTSD and sleepless nights in the years following the murders.

Ashley, who was expecting her kid at the time of the trial in March 2022, mourned that her boy would never get to meet his aunt and grandmother. For the time being, she has decided to live a private life; therefore, little is known about her current activities. As far as we can tell, Ashley is a resident of Glenolden, Pennsylvania.

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