Where is John Jordon’s Killer Now, Connie Sanders-Ford?

Where is John Jordon's Killer Now, Connie Sanders-Ford?

‘Deadly Women: Fatal Instincts: Defending My Killer,’ the second portion of Investigation Discovery’s Deadly Women: Fatal Instincts: Defending My Killer,’ focuses on John Jordon’s terrible death. In 2015, the 58-year-old was discovered shot to death in his Granby, Missouri, home. Due to a major 911 call, the authorities were able to identify the killer right away. Connie Sanders-Ford was later apprehended by the cops and charged with the murder. We’ve got you covered if you’re curious about Connie’s motivation and what occurred to her.

Who is Connie Sanders-Ford?

Connie Sanders-Ford was grieving the death of her spouse in 2015. She locked herself off the outer world for a while while she grieved the loss, according to the episode. The widow later engaged John Jordon, a tree-trimmer, to undertake some maintenance on her home, including some roofing. Although the two eventually had an affair, John had been married to his wife, Patricia, for more than 40 years at the time.

Jordon, according to the show, wasn’t seeking something serious, but Ford seemed to be. She barged into the John Jordons’ home almost a month before the murder and told Patricia about the affair. Following this, Jordon broke his relationship with Ford for good, but she didn’t take it well. Patricia later testified that Fordpursued her and constantly contacted her residence, resulting in a protection order being issued to her.

Where is John Jordon's Killer Now, Connie Sanders-Ford?

John and his kid had also applied for a protection order a few days before the incident. But it was all for naught since on March 30, 2015, Ford, aged 65, paid a visit to Jordon at his home. She then killed the 58-year-old by shooting him in the chest. Ford then went to a friend’s house in Neosho, Missouri, and committed John’s murder. After that, the friend dialed 911, which alerted the authorities, who rushed to the crime scene.

Where is Connie Sanders-Ford Now?

In May 2016, Connie Sanders-Ford was put on trial. According to the defense, there was no gunshot residue on her hands, but it was detected on Jordon’s. According to Connie’s lawyer, the gun was inadvertently fired while Jordon was attempting to take it away from her. Despite this, she was found guilty of the first murder and armed criminal charges by the jury. Ford was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of release plus an additional three years in July 2016. She is still locked up at the CCC in Livingston County, Missouri, according to the records.