Leon Baucham Murder: Where Is Killer Jacqueline Ray Now?

Leon Baucham Murder

Leon Baucham Murder: Where Is Killer Jacqueline Ray Now? – A couple was walking their dog on July 12, 2012, in Gig Harbor, Washington, when they discovered the horrifying sight of 33-year-old Leon Baucham’s body. At first, they believed it to be a hit-and-run incident, but cops soon detected a more malicious intent.

“He had white duct tape wrapped around his wrists, ankles, face, and the area surrounding his eyes and nose. It wasn’t a hit-and-run; it was clearly some form of homicide, according to Detective Sgt. Mark Merod of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office for Oxygen’s “Snapped.”

When the victim’s mother-in-law, Jacqueline “Jackie” Ray, learned about the couple’s violent disputes and Baucham’s controlling conduct, she became very protective of her daughter and worried for her safety. On December 26, 2022, the Snapped Season 24 Episode 5, Jackie Ray episode aired on television.

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How Did Leon Baucham Die

How Did Leon Baucham Die?

Baucham, 33, was discovered on July 12 in Gig Harbor, Washington, with a gunshot wound to the upper back. He had two children and was married to Umeko Roberts at the time of the murder, according to the homicide investigation. Umeko reported her violent and physically abusive marriage to the police, saying the victim was too jealous and overprotective.

Jacqueline Ray, Umeko’s worried mother, was ultimately detained and charged with murder as a result of evidence linking her to the crime. In exchange for a lesser sentence, Ray eventually admitted what he had done and accepted a plea deal that would have pointed police to the hired hitman, Luis Barker.

Before Leon Baucham entered Umeko’s life in 2001, Jacqueline Ray took care of her daughter and grandson. In 2001, Leon Baucham started dating Umeko Roberts and started acting as a father figure for the young mother and her son, just like Umeko’s mother, Jacqueline Ray, had done before. After getting married in 2008, the couple welcomed two children into the world.

Where is Jacqueline Ray Now

Who Killed Leon Baucham?

Authorities became aware of Baucham’s possessive, resentful, and controlling behavior toward Umeko, especially after she began going out and working alone. They also discovered that he installed a tracking application on his wife’s phone to keep tabs on her movements. Umeko stated that she once fractured an eye socket during a heated argument, and that Ray reported Baucham to the police.

Following additional investigation, authorities learned that Baucham previously lost his temper after believing Umeko was having an affair. They assumed she might have had a motive for killing her spouse. They were drawn in, though, by another discovery: Baucham’s body had been found less than a mile from Jacqueline Ray’s home.

When questioned, Ray revealed the abusive behaviour of her son-in-law and claimed to have given Umeko advice to leave him. She claimed that her daughter had told her about another altercation the day before he was discovered dead. The worried mother allegedly reserved a hotel room for her daughter and grandchildren before departing the city to go camping with friends.

Authorities discovered, however, from one of Baucham’s associates that he went to his mother-in-house law’s on the night of the murder, believing Umeko was there when in fact, she was at the hotel. Ray’s phone records were painstakingly used to solve the murder-for-hire case. She admitted to hiring Luis Barker to commit the murder for $10,000 when authorities uncovered communications between them.

Who Killed Leon Baucham

Where is Jacqueline Ray Now?

Ray’s phone records thoroughly unraveled the case. Authorities discovered texts exchanged with Luis Barker, an ex-con. Ray finally acknowledged that she had ordered Barker to conduct the crime.

Merod says, “Jackie told us she had gotten in touch with Luis Barker and asked him if he would have Leon murdered. The price was $10,000. After meeting Umeko at the hotel, Ray claimed that she snatched her phone and took it home since she knew Baucham would find it and prove Umeko was there.

After seeing Umeko for the first time at the hotel, Ray allegedly snatched the latter’s phone and took it home, knowing Baucham would find it. She eventually led him to her home, where Barker shot him, wrapped his corpse in duct tape with the assistance of a companion, and dumped it.

Ray argued that Umeko was never charged in the investigation and that Umeko had no knowledge of the hit. According to Renee, “Jackie felt helpless and unsure of what to do; she was terrified for her daughter and didn’t know how to help her.”

According to KOMO News, Ray was detained and accused of first-degree murder despite her self-described good intentions. Ray ultimately accepted a plea agreement and admitted to second-degree murder in return for helping the police investigate Barker.

Barker was detained and accused of second-degree murder after admitting guilt on a wiretap during a chat with Ray, according to The Seattle Times. According to Q13 Fox, he admitted confessed to second-degree murder and was given a 34-year prison term in 2013.

Ray argued at sentencing that Bauchman had only been slain to protect her daughter because she had been the victim of abuse. Umeko testified in court that although her mother “made a dreadful choice,” she “was trying to protect me. I love her very much.”

She took a plea deal, admitted to second-degree murder, and then assisted law enforcement in catching Barker in the act. Jacqueline Ray was ultimately given an 18-year prison term.

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