Where is Serial Rapist James Bergstrom’s Wife Linda Bergstrom Today?

where is James Bergstrom’s Wife Linda Bergstrom
Image Source: Investigation Discovery

Where is Serial Rapist James Bergstrom’s Wife Linda Bergstrom Now? – In “Evil Lives Here: He Tied Me Up, Too” on Investigation Discovery, Linda discusses how she initially met James and the course of their relationship. James and Linda Bergstrom’s marriage appeared to have a promising beginning, but as time went on, things changed.

Linda later believed that she had overlooked a lot of clues that her ex-husband was a serial rapist. Consequently, let’s learn more about her now, shall we?

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who is Linda Bergstrom
Image Source: Investigation Discovery

Linda Bergstrom, who is She?

When Linda was about 20 years old, she first met James. She initially believed that they had comparable expectations for the relationship. The two even discussed religion; they were both Catholics. James would call Linda repeatedly as their relationship progressed, but Linda didn’t believe anything was wrong with it at the time. She said on the programme that her parents forbade her from dating James.

On the program, Linda, however, mentioned James’ tendency toward jealousy. In addition, he desired to wed her before departing for his duty in the Navy. She then recalled James asking if he might tie her up during sex when he came back around four months later. Linda claimed at the time that it was more of an order than a question. On the programme, Linda claimed that she originally agreed with him, but afterwards changed her mind since she didn’t feel at ease.

Linda eventually learned of the neighbour’s concerns that James was following the neighbour’s wife. Linda claimed he slapped her when she confronted him about it. The police momentarily detained James while the neighbourhood was abuzz with stories of a peeping tom.

According to the programme, he was detained after being suspected of peeping through a window to see a woman undress. Linda started looking for evidence that James was a criminal when he was released from custody due to a lack of evidence. Linda once discovered rope and duct tape in his car. She gave it to his parents, who ignored it, as per the episode. Another time, Linda discovered a ski mask and duct tape inside James’ car when it was seized.

During the search, the authorities additionally discovered a toy gun. After his initial arrest, Linda wanted to go away, but when she discovered she was expecting his child, she made the decision to work to get him imprisoned before he damaged any more women.

where is Linda Bergstrom today
Image Source: Investigation Discovery

What Happened to Linda Bergstrom and Where Is She Now?

According to the programme, Linda learned from James’ relatives that he had been using bondage to assault a family member for years. When James was apprehended and finally admitted to the sexual assaults, Linda’s persistence eventually paid off. She discussed getting full custody of their child and serving him with divorce papers during his trial on the show.

The period following her relationship with James was difficult, but Linda made the decision to move on. Before she began dating again, she waited a bit. Linda, who now appears to be doing much better, nevertheless had the belief that if James was granted parole, he would resume his rampage and eventually resort to murder.

Since then, she has kept a low profile, and as far as we can determine, Texas is still where she was last seen.

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