Where is Michael David Lissy Now in the Kathryn Martini-Lissy Murder?

Kathryn Martini-Lissy Murder Case

The Perfect Murder,’ as the title suggests, is a true-crime series on Investigation Discovery that dives into those tragic situations where cunning killers almost got away with their crimes.

With investigators finding dead ends after dead ends, it demonstrates how some cases are impeccably clean, at least until a single piece of evidence helps bring it to a final conclusion.

Thus, its season 2 episode 9, fittingly titled ‘Homicide Hotel,’ recounting Kathryn Martini-horrible Lissy’s murder, is no exception.

And now, if you’re interested in learning more about it, we’ve got you covered.

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Kathryn Martini-Lissy Murder File Photo

What Caused Kathryn Martini-Lissy’s Death?

Kathryn Martini-Lissy had built a seemingly happy and healthy life for herself in Lake Oswego, Oregon, at the age of 26, with nothing but her wits and willpower to guide her.

After all, the Yale graduate was not only working for a bank as a commercial loan officer, but she had also married Michael David Lissy, the man she thought was perfect for her, in January 1984.

Despite having no known opponents or previous problems as a result of her white-collar career, the newlywed’s life was snatched from her in the blink of an eye just six months later, on July 5.

Kathryn Martini-Lissy Murder

Kathryn’s cold remains were discovered the next day in a room at the Valley River Inn in Eugene, where she’d been staying on business.

Because she had multiple abrasions on her body, was naked from the waist down, and had her tampon near her on the ground, officials knew it wasn’t an ordinary overdose or accidental death but a clear-cut homicide.

Kathryn’s autopsy confirmed this, stating that she died of strangulation and that she had either engaged in or been forced to engage in sex before she died.

Michael David Lissy And David Wilson

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Who Was Kathryn Martini-Lissy’s killer?

Despite the fact that Kathryn Martini-Lissy’s hotel room had no traces of forced entry, her wallet and cash were missing, leading to the initial suspicion of a heist gone awry.

However, the suspicion was quickly switched on her husband, 35-year-old Michael Lissy, after he began to disparage her during his first normal police interview.

According to accounts, he not only claimed that his wife was a cocaine addict, but he also spoke about her in a harsh manner, prompting detectives to look into the couple’s background.

They then revealed a network of deception, greed, and betrayal.

Michael was a cocaine user, a broke businessman/scuba diver, and someone who frequented pimps, prostitutes, and other low-level crooks, according to sources.

Furthermore, he had recently taken out a life insurance policy on his wife, with him as the sole beneficiary, leading authorities to assume that he had Kathryn murdered in order to get the payoff.

Kathryn Martini-Lissy Murder Newspaper Cutting

According to official records, Michael’s aim was “pure and simple avarice,” as he wanted the money to become financially stable and possibly remarry one of his ex-wives.

In just a few months, Michael had approached several people, asking if they could help him find a killer because he wanted a lady raped and strangled to death.

When word of Kathryn’s death became public, several of them reported it to the authorities, allowing them to apprehend the mastermind and his co-conspirators three months later.

Tina LaPlante, on the other hand, who acted as a go-between for Michael and the others, was granted amnesty for her assistance, particularly because she was the one who assisted them in putting the jigsaw together.

Kathryn Martini-Lissy

Tina had called David Dean Wilson to execute the job in exchange for $5,000 after being given $500 for obtaining an assassin by Michael, and Wilson had enlisted Gretchen M. Schumacher as his getaway driver.

The guy was also promised $25,000 if he would take primary responsibility for the crime, but that deal fell through.

In the end, Gretchen pleaded guilty to murder and robbery conspiracy, while David pleaded guilty to aggravated murder and conspiracy, receiving 20 years and a life sentence, respectively.

Despite this, they were both granted release pretty swiftly.

Michael David Lissy in 1984

What happened to Michael David Lissy?

Michael David Lissy, unlike his co-conspirators, went to trial for aggravated murder and conspiracy to commit murder in connection with Kathryn Martini-murder, Lissy’s only to be found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

In 1987, a judge refused his appeal, but in April 2014, after nearly three decades in prison, he was given permanent parole.

Since then, it appears that Michael, who is now in his early 70s, has decided to remain out of the spotlight.