Where is Robert Durst’s Second Wife ‘Debrah Lee Charatan’ Now?

Robert Durst’s Wife Debrah Lee Charatan

Robert Durst was arrested in October 2001 in connection with the death of his neighbour Morris Black. Debrah Lee Charatan, his wife at the time, stood with him and assisted him in selecting his defence team.

However, Robert’s run-in with the law did not finish there, as he was convicted of murdering Susan Berman, a close friend, nearly two decades after she died.

The Trials of Robert Durst,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, follows the real-estate heir’s tumultuous existence. Debrah appears to have kept her distance from the case after Robert was arrested for Susan’s murder.

So, if you’re wondering where she is today, we have some information for you!

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Debrah Lee Chataran Biography

Debrah Lee Chataran’s Biography

Debrah grew up in New York City, where she was born and reared. During World War II, her parents escaped the Nazis in Poland. Debrah founded an all-female real estate agency in the 1980s and went on to make a name for herself in the field.

She divorced her first husband in 1985 and met Robert in 1988 at a real estate dinner after a mutual acquaintance introduced them. Robert divorced his first wife, Kathleen, two years later, citing spousal neglect. Since 1982, she had been missing.

Debrah and Robert began dating immediately after meeting; however, they only lived together for a few months. Kathleen’s case was revived in October 2000, and Robert found out about it. After that, he proposed to Debrah and gave her power of attorney over his finances and business affairs. They married in a skyscraper in Times Square, New York, in December 2000.

“I wanted Debbie to be able to get my fortune, and I intended to kill myself,” Robert claimed in a subsequent deposition. “It was our understanding that unless I was married to him, I couldn’t profit from any of the trusts,” Debrah said to Nytimes.

“I had to have Debrah write my checks,” Robert claimed in a talk with his sister while in prison, adding, “I had to have Debrah write my checks.” I was preparing to become a fugitive.”

Debrah also paid regular visits to Robert while he was in prison. He was later found not guilty of the death of his neighbour. However, Robert was arrested in 2015 for the murder of his companion Susan in 2000.

Debrah had not spoken to Robert since he participated in the HBO documentary ‘The Jinx,’ according to reports. Despite the fact that she was still formally married to Robert, she continued to live with Steven Holm, one of Robert’s lawyers. Until his death in 2019, she was referred to be his wife in public.

Where is Debrah Lee Chataran Now

Where Is Debrah Lee Chataran Today?

Debrah received $20 million from Robert’s family as part of his $65 million settlement. She utilised the money to create a real estate company with her first husband’s son.

She handles daily operations, which include the acquisition and rehabilitation of buildings, among other things, as the president and founder of the firm situated in New York City.

Debrah, who is now in her 60s, has also been involved in a number of charity endeavours as well as teaching real estate classes at universities.

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