Where is the Bank Rio Heist Negotiator ‘Luis Vitette’ Today?

Where is The Actor Luis Mario Vitette Now

Where is the Bank Rio Heist Negotiator ‘Luis Vitette’ Now? – On August 10, 2022, Netflix will release the Argentinian documentary “Bank Robbers: The Last Great Heist.” It describes how the most famous bank heist in Argentina was carried out through in-depth interviews. Matas Gueilburt directed the documentary, and Sebastián Gamba and Julian Rousso served as producers.

The documentary’s running time is around 1 hour and 50 minutes. According to actual events that took place in 2006, it is referred to as the robbery of the century. The perpetrators later rose to fame as folk heroes and may have served as an inspiration for several made-up heist movies.

Let’s learn more about Luis Mario Vitette Sellanes, one of them and known in the media as “The Man in the Gray Suit” for his position as the fictitious negotiator.

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Who is Luis Mario Vitette

Luis Mario Vitette, Who is He?

In the Netflix original, Uruguayan Luis Mario Vitette Sellanes frankly stated, “I was born into a good family in a very good financial position. He is practically a jack of all gem trades.” He supposedly learned about every subject under the sun because of his upbringing, but he ultimately got into trouble with the law, ended up in jail, and was never the same.

According to his own account, he stole to survive in Argentina after being granted temporary parole due to personal issues since he really did not want to stay in jail again. As a member of the famed Spider-Man team in Buenos Aires, Luis spent years mounting buildings to rob apartments, but by the time 2004–2005 rolled around, he was semi-retired and leading a steady life.

Nevertheless, when approached, he nonetheless agreed to the bank scam since the chance to make quick cash was simply too attractive to pass up, even though he would have had to invest over $100,000. And on that fateful day, he was given the job of mediator, which he played while donning a grey suit and a fake moustache, thanks to his distinctive flair, self-assurance, and theater background.

What Happened to Luis Mario Vitette and Where Is He Now?

At least until his capture a few weeks later, on January 13, 2006, a coup allowed Luis to settle. Luis apparently became trapped in a cycle of crime to fund his opulent lifestyle as a youngster. Nevertheless, he was granted a speedy trial thanks to legal complications, and because he is not an Argentinean, the deportation clause allows for a sentence reduction. He spent a total of almost four years in prison before being expelled to Uruguay in 2013 on the condition that he never returned. He still resides there now.

To be more specific, Luis currently resides in the little town of San José de Mayo, which is not far from the nation’s capital and his hometown of Montevideo. Since then, he has not only started a jewellery company called Green Emerald, but he has also wed a relatively younger woman named Elicet, with whom he has a cute son.

And if that weren’t enough, in April 2015, Luis Mario Vitette Sellanes published an event memoir titled “El Robo Del Siglo” ( “The Robbery of the Century”), in which he told the whole scenario from his perspective. He’s currently working on a second book as well, and he’s very vocal about his roles as a husband, father, jeweller, watchmaker, author, and rising public personality. It’s important to note that Luis has admitted his extravagant persona, which he intentionally cultivates in front of the media to uphold the mystique of “The Man in the Gray Suit,” is inaccurate.

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