Where Is the Short Seller/Investor Nick Gold Today?

Where is Nick Gold Now

Where Is the Short Seller/Investor Nick Gold Now? – A fantastic new documentary from Netflix has just been released, detailing all the unlikely turns in the rise and demise of German online payments juggernaut Wirecard.

In 2020, a corporation called “Wirecard,” which had previously been the darling of the financial and technological worlds, was shown to have engaged in dishonest business practices and faked financial reporting; as a result, it went bankrupt.

To show the fintech company’s accounting errors and gang-like conduct, Wirecard uses genuine records, historical film, drawn recreations, and other materials. Nick Gold, a short seller and investor, is one of many who have openly shared their perspective on the tale here.

The Financial Times reporter Dan McCrum, who first exposed this fraud, has had his book Money Men: A Hot Startup, A Billion Dollar Fraud, A Fight for the Truth turned into the Netflix documentary “Skandal! Bringing Down Wirecard.” You can read 96 of his stories on the subject here.

Therefore, we have the information for you if you want to understand more about him.

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Who is Nick Gold

Who is Investor Nick Gold?

Nicholas “Nick” Gold, born in February 1972, is a businessman and “compulsive stock market gambler” who has a foot in several different businesses and a sizable portfolio. However, it is claimed that he became their target due to his opposition to Wirecard after learning that The Financial Times would shortly publish yet another critical investigation about them.

According to the production, Paul Murphy, a journalist for the Financial Times, had told him they were “fixated on” this company, which prompted him to rapidly short-sell it “to the tune of hundreds and hundreds of millions.”

So, in July 2019, an undercover investigator posing as a potential investor secretly recorded Nick to show that the newspaper was involved in criminal conspiracy and market manipulation. The tycoon assumed something significant was about to happen based on Paul’s casual comment during an unrelated conversation. Still, the truth is that he had never divulged anything particular about their coverage. Nick also said that throughout this “sting operation,” he was encouraged to misrepresent the information he knew, so no charges were brought against him, Paul, or the newspaper.

Where is Nick Gold Now?

Although successful investor Nick Gold prefers to keep a low profile, we do know that he currently divides his time between London, England, and Cannes, France. He has allegedly not had an easy few years, but despite that, he still seems to be living a wonderful, happy life and making the most of it to the best of his ability. To start, the entire Gold family, including father Peter, mother Janice, and brother Daniel, was charged in 2018 with “conning” Sweden out of £4 million by improperly marketing items for public roads.

Records show that the businesses linked to this alleged fraud were all founded in Sweden by wealthy businessman Peter, but they did list some of his relatives as former directors. Then, Nick told The Times openly, “He thought that I might want to become involved in those businesses at a future date. In the event, I did not. I was not employed by any of the companies nor did I provide any services to the companies, or on their behalf, at any time.” He added, “Knowing my father as I do, I have no reason to believe that the businesses operated by him have been run otherwise than in a legitimate and proper manner.”

Then there’s the fact that Nick filed for bankruptcy at the end of 2020 while also going through a divorce and had debts of more than £22 million. However, because his creditors accepted an Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA), he was spared from filing for total bankruptcy and is now making a lot of effort to reclaim his prior position. In terms of his private life, Nick had married socialite Laura Zilli, his second wife, in a celebrity-studded ceremony in April 2018, but they eventually split up well more than two years later. As of right now, he appears to be a proud single father.

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