Where is Tyler Henry’s Grandmother ‘Stella Guidry Nestle’ Now?

Where is Stella Guidry Nestle Now
Tyler Henry's Grandmother Stella Guidry Nestle

Tyler Henry, a clairvoyant medium, not only brings closure to individuals who have lost loved ones in Netflix’s ‘Life After Death with Tyler Henry,’ but he also dives into his own family’s roots.

After all, he and his mother, Theresa Koelewyn, discovered in 2019 that the lady who reared her wasn’t even related to her biologically; Stella Nestle had “taken” Theresa as a baby.

What’s more perplexing is that, according to her children, she’s a convicted killer as well as an abusive con artist. So, if you want to learn more about her, we’ve got you covered.

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Who is Tyler Henry’s Mother

Who is Stella Guidry Nestle in the ‘Fowler Motel Murders’?

According to the documentary, When Theresa Koelewyn learnt Stella Mary Guidry Nestle was not her mother, she felt nothing but relief, as if a “tonne of bricks” had been lifted off her shoulders.

That’s because she was relieved to receive specific confirmation of how she isn’t, and will never be, genetically speaking, anything like the lady she regards to be “all horrible a human can be.”

Theresa referenced to several of Stella’s alleged wrongdoings to emphasise her case, from essentially kidnapping her in Louisiana to duping others into giving them money through the church.

Stella’s alleged mistreatment of her children, which the Netflix original implies includes putting them in closets or injuring them in other ways, was one of the most terrible parts.

As if that wasn’t enough, she made her son Peter an accomplice by calling him to hide the bodies of her boss Judy Wang, the owner of Fowler Motel, and her boyfriend Wai Lee.

When the aspiring cop arrived, the remains were tied up in a small room, prompting Stella to fabricate a storey about “four Mexicans” who threatened to hurt them if Peter reported the murder.

In the docuseries, Peter, who was only 18 at the time, claimed, “Me and my mum, you know, we dragged the bodies…[behind the motel] one at a time.”

“I believe my mother’s intention was to assassinate the owners and, uh, take over the hotel… I had faith in her. You follow your parents’ orders. That’s in the Bible, after all. That was the extent of my knowledge.

And I took it at face value: “Hey, my family is in trouble, and look, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep my family safe.” In a sense, Peter became the third “victim” of the crime, in Tyler Henry’s words, especially since he acted as if he didn’t know any better.

Fowler Motel Murders

What Happened to Stella Guidry Nestle?

When the time came, Stella Guidry Nestle’s son testified against her in exchange for a lesser charge of accessory to murder, recounting the events of that tragic evening in California.

After hours of jury deliberation, the 39-year-old was found guilty of the double killing and sentenced to a little more than 30 years in prison.

Stella, according to what we’ve learned after her release, still lives in or around California and prefers to stay out of the spotlight.

Having said that, the Netflix reality show did hint that she seemed to be doing fine right now, despite the fact that she is entering her mid-90s.

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