Where was Broadchurch Filmed?

Where was Broadchurch Filmed?

The criminal thriller television series “Broadchurch,” created by Chris Chibnall (Law and Order: UK, Doctor Who) and starring a stellar cast, was more than just a popular culture hit. David Tennant, Olivia Colman, Andrew Buchan, Jodie Whittaker, Vicky McClure, Pauline Quirke, Will Mellor, Arthur Darvill, and Carolyn Pickles are among the impressive cast members.The series received a tonne of accolades after its March 2013 premiere for its cinematography and fascinating character profiles.  The close-knit Broadchurch neighborhood experiences bereavement, media attention, and a psychological toll following the death of an 11-year-old kid. In order to unravel the mystery at this point, Detective Inspector Alec Hardy and Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller work together.

The majority of the action takes place in the titular village, where the coastline setting is used to create a foreboding atmosphere. The fictional town of Broadchurch that lends the television show its name is a combination of the West Dorset, England, communities of Broadoak and Whitchurch. But you must be curious about the location of the series’ filming. Let’s continue to think about this question if it has come up for you.

Locations for Broadchurch Filming

The first season of “Broadchurch” was fully shot in England, particularly in and around Somerset, Dorset, and Bristol. As both the camera operator and the director of photography, Matt Gray treated the program as a documentary. Shows are rarely shot in order in the UK. The decision to film this series in order to protect the murderer’s identity’s anonymity made it an exception. Now let’s take you to the locations where the TV show was filmed. The Axehampton House was a significant set that appeared in several episodes of season three. Bridehead House is the name of the residence, which is situated in the West Dorset village of Little Bredy. There is no actual town named Broadchurch in the United Kingdom. The name of the program is a mix of two West Dorset settlements, Broadoak and Whitchurch Canonicorum.

England’s London

To film some shots, the crew traveled to Big Smoke. On the grounds of Waterloo Film Studios, a central production site situated at 27-31 Webber Street in London, some interior sequences were shot. At 235 Shaftesbury Avenue, a notable church in the city, filming was also taking place at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church. Additionally, some of the first season’s filming took place in London’s Lavington Close neighborhood.

England’s Dorset

After relocating to Dorset with his family, Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall stated that he wanted the series to be a “love letter” to the seaside area. I gave this county’s literary history a lot of thought, he said. I combined the hamlets of Broadoak and Whitchurch in West Dorset to create the compound location name Broadchurch in the manner of Thomas Hardy.  The filming crew also travelled to Dorset, where they shot sequences in the towns of Bridport and West Bay. The series frequently uses the cliff where Danny’s body was found as a backdrop. In West Bay, Dorset, the sequences were filmed at Harbour Cliff and Harbour Cliff Beach.

England’s Somerset

Somerset, a non-metropolitan county in England, was the site of substantial filming by the crew. They went to Clevedon in North Somerset, set up a shoot along Old Church Road, and may have gone to the church and cemetery as well. The Broadchurch Parish Church in the programme is substituted by the St. Andrew’s Church, a 12th-century church situated on Old Church Road in Clevedon. The crew also shot some scenes at the Alexandra News office while they were in the area. Hill Road’s former Seeley’s Newsagent had a complete makeover to serve as a stand-in for Broadchurch’s fictional local newspaper agency, and filming also took place on Wain’s Hill and Strode Road.

While filming was taking place at the Yeo Moor Primary School on Kennaway Road in Clevedon, the old Lloyds bank, also located in the town, was transformed into The Traders Hotel. The crew also paid visits to adjacent towns and villages such Flax Bourton, Weston-super-Mare, Portishead, Shepton Mallet, and Weston-super-Mare.  The crew shot scenes in the 109 Avon Way Co-op store while in Portishead. Avon Coroner’s Court, a courthouse located at 30 Old Weston Road in Flax Bourton, North Somerset, was the subject of some filming. Alec Hardy also sleeps at a motel while he is visiting Broadchurch. The Bowlish House, located on Wells Road in Bowlish, just outside of Shepton Mallet in Somerset’s Mendip District, served as the location for the hotel scenes. Vision Studios, a sizable studio in England, provided its space for filming. The studio offers on-set filming and equipment rental services, and is located at Old Mill Road in Portishead west of Bristol.

England’s Bristol

Bristol, England, which boasts a stunning fusion of cultures and streets covered in graffiti, served as the backdrop for some filming. The Road to Nowhere in Bristol, a section of deserted road utilised mostly for filming, was taken over by the team. The Stanshawes Service Station on Westerleigh Road in the Bristol neighbourhood of Yate was another well-known filming site nearby. Additionally, the crew filmed sequences near Yate at Eggs Hill Lane Play Area. Finally, some filming was done near the Temple Way offices of Bristol Post.

 The Other Location of Broadchurch

The outside of the Briar Cliff Hut near Eype served as the setting for Danny Latimer’s murder. Although this hut is privately owned and inaccessible to the general public, the views of the Jurassic Coast from here are breathtaking.

Beach huts (at Charmouth): West of West Bay on Charmouth beach are the beach huts used throughout season two. Claire and Lee had numerous moments here, as did Claire and DS Ellie Miller. Mark and Beth Latimer also encountered Jocelyn here while she was out on a stroll in the first episode of season two.

Nightclub scenes where DS Ellie Miller and Claire went out for a night in season two of Broadchurch were recorded at The Lazy Lizard in the adjacent seaside town of Weymouth.

The setting for parts of Lee Ashworth’s scenes, in which he was working and met with DI Alec Hardy, was Stonebarrow (near Charmouth).

The Knoll at Puncknowle served as the setting for numerous sequences starring Lee and Claire Ashworth in series two. It is known as Lee Ashworth’s retreat. Between West Bay and Abbotsbury, on the coast road, is where you’ll find The Knoll. Views of the majority of the West Dorset hills and Lyme Bay’s whole sweep are available.

Bluebell woods (at Hooke) – Although the series’ central river is in the South East, the bluebell woods that play a key role in the Sandbrook case are in the Hooke Woods neighbourhood of Beaminster.