White House Plumbers Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

White House Plumbers Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

White House Plumbers Episode 4 Recap – White House Plumbers” is an animated satire show created by Alex Gregory and Peter Huyck. It follows E. Howard Hunt (Woody Harrelson) and G. Gordon Liddy (Justin Theroux) are two characters immersed in the Watergate scandal. The show portrays these inexperienced individuals attempting to manipulate an election without resorting to manipulation at any level.

On December 8, 1972, United Airlines Flight 553 tragically crashed while travelling between Washington D.C. and Omaha, Nebraska, with a stopover in Chicago, claiming many lives. Among the victims were Howard Hunt’s wife, Dorothy Hunt; an Illinois congressman; Michele Clark, a CBS news reporter; and an unidentified individual who allegedly threatened Dorothy Hunt before the flight, as depicted in “White House Plumbers.” While certain events and dialogue in the show may have been fictionalized, Dorothy’s death from a mysterious plane crash remains factual based on the information provided in a recent episode. The show included a disclaimer stating that her death remains factual based on the information that has emerged over time.

In Episode 4, titled “The Writer’s Wife,” evidence linking Howard and Liddy to an attempted burglary is destroyed, but it is still insufficient to prove their involvement. Dorothy (Lena Headey), a former spy from the Nixon administration, provides financial aid directly to the burglars from the Nixon administration until an unexpected event significantly alters the course of events. For a complete understanding of Episode 4 of “White House Plumbers,” please refer to the detailed information provided here.

White House Plumbers Episode 4 Recap

White House Plumbers Episode 4 “The Writer’s Wife” Recap

The episode begins with Howard and Liddy reacting differently to the arrests of the burglars. Howard takes immediate steps to destroy evidence and enlists St. John as an accomplice in committing more crimes and destroying additional evidence, hoping that St. John would accept his role as an accessory. However, St. John reluctantly agrees due to his desire for his father’s approval. On the other hand, Liddy casually mentions to Fran that they may face arrest as soon as Fran comes over for dinner.

The police quickly link the burglars to the Committee for the Re-Election of the President after uncovering McCord’s true identity. This leads them to visit Howard Hunt’s residence and extensively question him, which frightens him to seek shelter in his basement storm shelter. Dorothy arrives from Paris, furious but unsurprised, as she had warned Howard about the devastating repercussions similar to the Bay of Pigs invasion. Howard tries to justify himself by claiming that he attempted to prevent the burglary but was overruled, which Dorothy finds appalling. However, she eventually convinces him to hire William Bittman as his defense lawyer.

Dorothy and Bittman quickly become frustrated with Howard’s refusal to reveal any potential co-conspirators, despite Bittman’s best efforts at persuasion and offering plea bargains. Dorothy instructs Bittman to contact the White House attorney, emphasizing the importance of loyalty. Their efforts pay off when Nixon, who doesn’t hold Howard in high regard after his unsuccessful burglary attempt and the Bay of Pigs incident, agrees to assist without compensation from the administration. Dorothy cannot find John Dean herself but convinces him to join their cause. Eventually, Liddy manages to locate John Dean, who pledges his allegiance.

Since Howard first met Bittman, significant developments have occurred. Howard anticipates and plans for the potential exploitation of their situation, preparing accordingly. Recognizing that Gordon would find their story attractive enough for publication, Howard proposes signing him to a book contract during dinner at Liddy’s household. However, Gordon rejects the offer, instead reaffirming their devotion to the Nixon government.

After their arrests, much has changed between Howard and Liddy. Their paths diverge as Howard attempts to capitalize on their story, while Liddy remains dedicated to supporting Nixon regardless of the consequences.

White House Plumbers Episode 4 Ending, Explained

White House Plumbers Episode 4 Ending Explained

Dorothy Hunt’s character meets with tragedy in “White House Plumbers.” After discovering Howard uses St. John to cover up evidence linking him to the burglaries, Dorothy makes the difficult decision to leave him. Their final encounter occurs at Washington National Airport shortly before Dorothy departs for Omaha, Nebraska, on December 8, 1972. During their argument, the truth about their infidelity comes out. Howard pleads for her to stay, while Dorothy finally shares with him why their relationship disintegrated after the Bay of Pigs invasion, displaying a level of honesty that was lacking throughout their marriage.

As Dorothy boards United Airlines Flight 553, she senses an unsettling presence, feeling as if someone is following her. This sense has persisted with her since she took on the role of salary mistress. Onboard, she meets Michele Clark, a CBS reporter of African descent, with whom she shares her complete truth. Dorothy intends to educate her children about the reality of their heritage as descendants of a military hero rather than someone whose plans went awry. However, tragedy strikes when the plane suddenly plunges and crashes, resulting in losing all lives on board; there are no survivors.

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