Pretty Little Liars Original Sin: Who Is Archie Waters? Is He Dead or Alive?

Who Is Archie Waters in PLL

Pretty Little Liars Original Sin: Who Is Archie Waters? Is Archie Waters Dead or Alive? – Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Lindsay Calhoon Bring are the creators of the American slasher horror drama television series “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin for HBO Max. The fourth series of the Pretty Little Liars franchise, which is based on Sara Shepard’s novelizations of the same name, is set in the same timeline as its predecessors.

The show centers on the lives of a group of young girls who start experiencing fear at the hands of an unidentified assailant named “A,” who holds them accountable for a terrible incident that occurred in the past. Bailee Madison, Chandler Kinney, Zaria, Malia Pyles, and Maia Reficco are among the series’ ensemble cast.

In September 2020, Warner Bros. said that the show was developing with Aguirre-Sacasa serving as showrunner. HBO Max gave it a straight-to-series order at the end of the same month. So while COVID-19 was spreading throughout New York, movies were being made. It is the first installment in the franchise to air on a streaming service rather than ABC Family or FreeformOn July 28, 2022, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin debuted.

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Who Is Archie Waters

Archie Waters: Who Is He?

Archie Waters is first mentioned in “Chapter Ten: Final Girls,” the tenth and final episode of “PLL: Original Sin’s” first season. However, the character only appears in the first half of the season. The season introduces to viewers the Little Liars’ mother’s classmate, Angela Waters. She committed suicide due to being sexually abused by Thomas Beasley, who would eventually become the sheriff of Millwood. Because the murderers of Angela are still at large, the infamous serial killer ‘A’ intends to bring them to punishment.

As a result, this plot strand is appropriately served by the shocking conclusion of the first season finale, which reveals that “A” is actually Archie Waters. Archie is the brother or sister of Angela Waters’ twin. Rose Waters and Millwood High Principal Marshall Clanton gave birth to the children.

But the Clantons would not acknowledge that Rose’s pregnancy had played a part in the children’s upbringing without a father. Due to various reasons, including his damaged visage, Archie’s mother kept him home. Archie later works with Principal Clanton, his father, to get retribution for killing his sister.

Fans may only make educated guesses as to A’s (and possibly the other killer’s) identity at this time. But according to showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, fans will find out who A actually is towards the end of the season. Now that season 1 is halfway over, the big reveal is probably just around the corner.

Is Archie Waters Dead or Alive

Is Archie Waters Dead or Alive?

Archie Waters is identified as serial killer A who has been targeting females since the first episode. In the epilogue, Clanton gives Archie the order to kill Imogen’s kid. Archie follows Imogen as she flees the high school and heads for her old home. But Archie continues to pursue Imogen and soon finds the Adams household. Imogen hides in the bathroom, but Archie finds her there right away.

Archie attacks Imogen with a knife and makes an effort to kill her child. However, Imogen responds, and a fight breaks out between the two. Finally, Imogen stabs Archie, seemingly killing him. The final scenes of the episode imply that Archie is still alive. The concluding scenes revealed the return of the killer wearing a mask. By killing Chip and Sheriff Beasley, A also ends his scheme.

Strong indications are provided in the conclusion that “A,” also known as Archie Waters, survived Imogen’s stab wounds. While the season finale’s ending shows that A is still active, it is unclear whether or not Archie is donning a mask. After the Little Liars stop their hoax, Clanton and Archie’s fate is never revealed. Nothing is said about the police discovering Archie’s body, even though they imprisoned Clanton.

Archie was directly stabbed in the neck by Imogen, making it unlikely that he lived. As a result, someone else may be using the identity “A” in addition to Archie. However, if Archie Waters did manage to survive the thrilling events of the conclusion, the Little Lairs would be in grave danger. A’s history, physical imperfections, and life after Angela’s death are mostly unknown. As a result, the character’s story has much more to be revealed.

New episodes of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin premiere every Thursday on HBO Max.

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