Who is Ethan Jan from NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”?

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On America’s Got Talent various kinds of skilled individuals can be seen. There are some abilities that defy explanation, even though most people are accustomed to singers, dancers, magicians, and other performers with visual skills. The Rubik’s cube takes a lot of time to solve for most of us common folk. But Ethan Jan, a Rubik’s Cube record holder who entered America’s Got Talent in the hopes of winning over the judges.

Ethan Jan, a resident of California, is an exception to this rule. The high school student succeeded in setting a Guinness World Record by finishing the puzzle piece while hanging upside down in a record-breaking 8.91 seconds! He is prepared to display his incredible gift on “America’s Got Talent,” the world’s most popular talent competition program, after breaking a world record. Did Ethan succeed in winning over Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara, and Heidi as judges? Find out by reading on.

Ethan Jan: Who is he?

Ethan, a high school student from Redlands, California, is 17 years old. In the fourth grade, he started resolving Rubik’s cubes. Ethan revealed during his introduction to the “AGT” judges that it only took him a week to become proficient at resolving the challenging puzzle toy. Ethan started adding theatrics to the cube-solving process over time to make it more entertaining. Ethan has a tonne of tricks up his sleeve, like solving the cube while hanging upside down or juggling the cubes as he solves them.

Ethan had watched several TV shows before “AGT.” The gifted adolescent previously participated in the inaugural season of “Game of Talents,” when he displayed his special talents. “I will always cherish my experience on the inaugural season of Game of Talents. Being able to solve Rubik’s cubes (and dab:) on live television makes me feel incredibly privileged. I got along so well with everyone I worked with, and I gained a lot of knowledge from the whole thing! Thank you so much to everyone who helped me out! “After his debut appearance on national television, he made a post on Instagram.

Additionally, he accomplished his childhood goal of holding the Guinness World Record in 2021. He posted an image of himself putting the World Record Certificate and a Rubik’s cube on Instagram to announce the exciting news. He noted: “I pictured myself holding a Guinness World Records certificate as  a ten-year-old boy with nearly no experience with Rubik’s cubes, I imagined myself holding a Guinness World Records certificate, but I was never confident that I would be doing that at any point in time, let alone this soon. None of this would have been possible without everyone who supported me the whole way through. I express gratitude toward those who helped to make my vision a reality. I am very lucky to have had this wonderful experience, and I hope to stay motivated and inspired!

Where can you find Ethan Jan online?

Ethan is already a type of internet superstar with 409.4K followers and a little over 13.3M likes on his TikTok account, but after his audition on “AGT,” it appears like the adolescent is all set to become well-known very soon.

The judges were naturally unimpressed when Ethan first entered the room and declared that his audition will consist of solving Rubik’s cubes. Each judge received a cube, which he instructed them to assemble whatever they pleased. Then Ethan showed off his special abilities by juggling, solving the cubes with his back to them and not looking at them, and solving them while on a unicycle! The judges were speechless by the time he finished his act because they were so amazed. The boy was described as a “genius” by Simon. The adolescent advanced to the next round after receiving a “yes” from each of the four judges. Watch the video below.