Who is Jasper Dolphin’s Father? Where is Dark Shark Today?

Who is Jasper Dolphin’s Dad - Where is Dark Shark Now

Who is Jasper Dolphin’s Dad? Where is Compston “Dark Shark” Wilson Now? – Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, and the rest of the group are back for another round of hilarious pranks based on “Jackass Forever” deleted footage and outtakes.

Jackass 4.5,’ like the other movies, can only be described as a comedic production in which a crew of misfits does insane, never-before-seen feats for our amusement. The sole distinction is that this film includes not just outtakes and unused footage from ‘Jackass Forever‘ (or ‘Jackass 4‘), but also commentary for the same, especially given all of the mishaps.

So, of course, the cast is the most important component here, and since we encounter new faces this time around, such as Jasper Dolphin’s father, let’s learn more about him, shall we?

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Who is Jasper Dolphin’s Dad

Who is the Father of Jasper Dolphin?

While you may recognise Jasper (or Davon Wilson) as a founding member of Odd Future or from the film ‘Loiter Squad,’ his father, Compston “Dark Shark” Wilson, is a relatively unknown figure. He did appear in the latter adult sketch comedy series as well as in ‘Jasper and Errol’s First Time’ (2019), but the wacky ‘Jackass’ franchise was his true exposure to the world.

After all, it was there that we discovered that, while he has no fear of men or authority bodies, he is scared of heights and all animals, including birds, dogs, and spiders. Dark Shark was born on November 23, 1969, and is a lifelong resident of Los Angeles County, California, according to what we know.

He started out “as a bum child” in “the hood” on Longwood Avenue in Long Beach, but when his neighbourhood was saturated with hard drugs, he “picked up a sack and didn’t look back.” Considering his admitted stays in prison and the fact that he has been shot nine times, he appears to have fallen into the wrong crowd anyway, although he has since moved away from the surroundings.

With the exception of his particular criminal convictions, Dark Shark has never shied away from discussing his history, whether it be as a “bad little black little boy” or his “looting.” “I rioted and robbed demanding justice and respect for blacks in the inner city in 1992 over the Rodney King police beating and also over the Latasha Harlin killing,” he once admitted.

I marched and protested peacefully over the shooting of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement a few years ago. TALK THE TALK AND WALK THE WALK… say no to two gangs and bigotry… I’m always praying for peace since I know much too much about conflict.”

What Happened to Jasper Dolphin’s father and Where Is “Dark Shark” Now?

Compston “Dark Shark” Wilson, a.k.a. the OG Caps, moved from the hood to Hollywood to become the “rawest ghetto comedian ever,” according to his social media platforms. As a result, it’s no surprise that the 53-year-old is not only honest and upbeat but also occasionally incredibly crude, which appears to be working for him just now.

Dark Shark is doing it all right now, from ‘Jackass’ to live performances to being a guest on multiple podcasts, and it’s clear that he has no intention of slowing down, let alone stopping anytime soon.

Apart from comedy, the father of two spends his time advocating against gangs, violence, and prejudice in order to leave a better world for future generations. He understands what it’s like to be on the receiving end of both of these aspects, and he doesn’t want anyone else to have to go through it.

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