Unveiling the Mystery: Who is the Serial Killer in ‘Behind Your Touch’?

Who is the Serial Killer in 'Behind Your Touch

Who is the Serial Killer in Behind Your Touch – Have you ever experienced the suspenseful charm of South Korean thriller rom-coms? If not, get ready to be delighted as we explore “Behind Your Touch.” Directed by Kim Suk-Yoon and written by Lee Nam-Kyu, “Behind Your Touch” offers an engaging blend of romance, comedy, and suspense, starring an impressive cast that includes Han Ji-min, Lee Min-ki from EXO Suho (JTBC Suho), and Joo Min Kyung (JTBC Tving Netflix production), captivating audiences worldwide since 2013.

“Behind Your Touch” follows two seemingly opposite individuals – a kind veterinarian with psychic powers and an unpleasant detective. Bong Ye-boon (Han Ji-min) possesses psychic abilities that allow her to see an individual’s past when she touches their rear end. Her path crosses with Detective Moon Jang-yeol (Lee Min-ki), recently demoted due to his fiery temper. Fate intervenes again when Kim Sunwoo (Suho) arrives with a charming facade while concealing deadly secrets.

In this article, we will reveal the suspense that has kept viewers on edge throughout “Behind Your Touch” while exploring its plot and character development, particularly that of its serial killer. We will also answer the important question of “Who Is Behind Your Touch?”

Behind Your Touch Plot Summary

“Behind Your Touch” Plot Summary

Before delving deeper into the mystery surrounding the serial killer, let’s briefly overview “Behind Your Touch’s” plot. “BYT” offers an exciting blend of romance, comedy, and suspense that appeals to viewers of all kinds.

Bong Ye-boon, a veterinarian with an unusual ability, can see into anyone’s past when touching their rear end. Her life turns unexpectedly when she crosses paths with Detective Moon Jang-yeol, who has been exiled to rural Mujin due to his explosive temper.

Jang-yeol’s desire to return to the city leads him and Ye-boon to investigate various cases together. However, their lives take an unexpected and dramatic turn with the arrival of Kim Sun-woo, an apparently friendly yet secretive individual with hidden intentions and agendas.

Viewers of this series can expect an emotional rollercoaster as characters navigate complex cases, unexpected alliances, and blossoming romances. As the story progresses, tension mounts as we learn who the serial killer is that threatens the lives of our protagonists.

Who is the Serial Killer

Who is the Serial Killer in ‘Behind Your Touch’?

Now, let’s address the burning question that has transfixed audiences on “Behind Your Touch: who is the serial killer? The show’s creators have expertly created suspense by keeping their audience guessing about the true identity of this mysterious individual.

“Behind Your Touch” brings an unexpectedly complex plot twist when Park Jong-Bae – seemingly an unassuming shaman in Mujin Village – is revealed as its serial killer. This surprising turn adds an additional level of intrigue.

Throughout the series, Detective Moon Jang-yeol works diligently to expose the serial killer’s identity. He pieces together clues and makes accurate and inaccurate assessments to pursue justice. Ultimately, the true identity is revealed in how effectively the killer created blackouts in victims’ memories, thus masking their activities from public scrutiny.

Jang-yeol makes an important discovery when he identifies the killer’s method: wearing sunglasses. He notices how certain angles of tinted glass doors provided by Detective Na create a blackout effect, giving the illusion that victims were asleep during crucial moments. This leads him to suspect that the killer accomplishes this effect using sunglasses.

Ye-boon confirms Jang-yeol’s theory when she spots Park Jong-Bae wearing sunglasses while preparing Seon-Woo’s funeral service. This discovery strengthens Jang-yeol’s claim, and the pieces begin fitting together in this puzzle.

Ye-Bun’s visit to Park Jong-Bae’s home to contribute to Seon-Woo’s funeral is shocked when she finds him wearing sunglasses immediately after learning about this peculiar tactic. Park Jong-Bae suddenly changes tactics by using his psychic powers on Ye-Bun to demonstrate his true nature as an aggressive serial killer.

Jang-yeol observes Park Jong-Bae at the police station, where he displays an unusual lack of motivation for his crimes. Jong-Bae dismisses its significance altogether by asserting that it’s up to the police, rather than him, to determine his motivations. Such a revelation sheds further light on Jong-Bae’s psychopathy, as he claims his motive is simply the pursuit of enjoyment and thrills.

In an intriguing twist, Jong-Bae reveals that all his victims share a commonality that motivated his actions, but the thrill of the act itself drives him. This revelation further establishes him as a psychopath who commits violent acts without regret or conventional motives.


As our journey into “Behind Your Touch” draws to a close, we’ve unmasked the mysteries surrounding serial killer Park Jong-Bae, with no clear motive for his crimes, underscoring his psychopathy and cementing our impression of him as the series’ primary antagonist.

“Behind Your Touch” offers an exciting viewing experience, combining elements of thrills and humor while keeping viewers hooked with its clever plot and memorable characters. If you enjoy suspenseful rom-coms with unexpected turns, “Behind Your Touch” should certainly be on your viewing list!

So the next time you crave an engaging South Korean thriller rom-com, don’t hesitate to watch “Behind Your Touch.” Take an unforgettable journey that features suspense, laughter, and unexpected revelations!

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