Who is Tyler Perry’s Son’s Mom and Ex-Girlfriend Gelila Bekele?

Who is Tyler Perry's Son's Mom and Ex-Girlfriend Gelila Bekele

Tyler Perry and Gelila Bekele – Have you ever wondered about the mastermind behind the scenes of Tyler Perry’s life? Join us as we unravel the captivating tale of Tyler Perry and his ex-girlfriend, Gelila Bekele. Not just any tale, but the gripping narrative showcased in the upcoming documentary “Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story,” set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on November 17, 2023. Get ready for an intimate journey into Tyler Perry’s life, directed by none other than Gelila Bekele herself.

Who is Tyler Perry's Son's Mother and Ex-Girlfriend

Who Is Tyler Perry’s Son’s Mother and Ex-Girlfriend?

Gelila Bekele, a model and activist, is at the helm of “Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story,” an award-winning documentary. Bekele shares its name and co-parenting duties for Aman Perry (their nine-year-old son).

Perry and Bekele’s romance began when they met at a Prince concert in 2007. Over time, their years together brought both joy and challenges; in December 2014, they welcomed Aman Tyler into their lives as their third child, but ultimately, the couple decided to separate in 2020 after over 10 years together.

Their amicable separation did not deter Bekele from taking on the daunting task of directing Perry’s life story, and she expressed in interviews her intention of capturing its full essence, transcending what viewers have witnessed on screen. She explores love, separation and untold chapters that have formed this cultural icon.

What Happened to Tyler Perry and Gelila Bekele

What Happened to Tyler Perry and Gelila Bekele?

Tyler Perry’s recent announcement about celebrating Christmas as a single man sent shockwaves through fans. At 51 years old, this entertainment mogul took to Instagram to announce his newly single status and express curiosity for what lies ahead in life. Unlike some celebrity breakups, which often end bitterly, Perry and Bekele managed to part amicably while prioritizing shared responsibility as parents of Aman.

Perry remains dedicated to being the best parent she can be for their son Aman, born December 2014, as an integral part of his life and now, also the documentary.

Perry and Bekele wanted their son, Aman, to thrive away from Hollywood lights, so they consciously decided not to feature his face in “Maxine’s Baby.” This choice shows their commitment to her child’s childhood. As Bekele puts it: “Privacy is precious. Once it opens its door, there is no turning back.”

Where is Gelila Bekele Now?

Gelila Bekele’s relationship with Tyler Perry may have ended, yet her journey as co-director of “Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story” remains ongoing. With multiple projects under her belt spanning from Ford Model Management modelling contracts to filmmaking experience and numerous co-directorial credits, Bekele continues her filmmaking pursuits!

Bekele’s career trajectory shifted in 2013 when she delved into narrative and documentary filmmaking. Her projects include the 6-minute documentary “The Model Activists” in 2017, followed by “MAi: Life is not Honey” and “Anbessa,” both showcased at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival.

Beyond her role as a filmmaker, Bekele has embraced humanitarian efforts, supporting Charity: Water, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing clean and safe water to people worldwide. Her advocacy extends to championing young women’s rights, emphasizing equal opportunities, clean water access, and education in Ethiopia and beyond.

As a published author, Bekele’s photography book, “Guzo,” captures the beauty of Ethiopia, reflecting her profound connection to her homeland. The word “Guzo,” meaning journey, encapsulates her exploration of Ethiopian tribes and their customs, culture, and traditions.

Gelila Bekele is more than just Tyler Perry’s former flame; she is an impressive, multifaceted individual making waves in filmmaking, activism, and literature.

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