Who Killed ‘Malva Christie’ in Outlander Episode 6?

Who Killed Malva in Outlander Episode 6

Malva Christie discloses that she is expecting Jamie’s kid in the sixth episode of Starz’s historical series Outlander‘ season 6, after having a consensual sexual affair with him when Claire was suffering from her illness. Jamie and Claire’s fates are rewritten by Malva’s confession, as they are separated by the same people they have protected and cared for.

Jamie’s image is harmed by the controversy, which reaches the ears of his fellow Sons of Liberty members. Malva is slain under strange circumstances within the grounds of Jamie and Claire’s mansion, on top of the already existing problems. If you’re curious about the killer’s identity, we’ve got the answer for you!

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Who Killed Malva in Outlander

Who was Responsible for Malva’s Death?

Malva’s assertion that Jamie is the father of her child spreads like wildfire throughout Fraser’s Ridge. Claire is isolated by the Ridge settlers, and Jamie loses a crucial role in the Continental Congress as a result of the situation. Claire tries to talk to Malva alone about the identity of the real father after discovering that Jamie has nothing to do with her, but she is unable to get any persuasive information from her. Malva is eventually killed, and the mystery surrounding her pregnancy remains unsolved.

Because Malva was murdered within Jamie’s house’s compound, the settlers will most certainly suspect their master and his wife Claire of the crime. The truth, however, is far from what the residents of Fraser’s Ridge will believe. Malva is killed by Allan Christie, her half-brother, according to the sixth season’s source literature, Diana Gabaldon’s ‘A Breath of Snow and Ashes.’

Allan is also the father of Malva’s child. He has been assaulting her for a long time, and when she falls pregnant, the horrifying secret is nearly revealed. Allan uses his clout to get Malva to accuse Jamie so that he will not be hurt as a result of the situation.

Malva initially shields Allan, but she gradually becomes guilty. Since Claire had treated her as if she were a child, Jamie’s guilt must have compelled her to tell the truth to Claire in order to clear her name. Malva visits the Fraser residence in order to expose Allan, who is threatening him.

Who Killed Malva

To protect himself, Allan murders his half-sister. Allan is cunning enough to realise that burying Malva’s body in Jamie and Claire’s house-ground will lead the other settlers to believe that Jamie and Claire murdered Malva for “exposing” them. By killing her, Allan ensures that no one will be able to link the truth to him.

Given that Claire has previously been accused of being a witch, Allan may find it simple to convict her and Jamie as Malva’s murderers. Allan may try to accuse Claire of conducting witchcraft on Malva because she also performs an incision to rescue Malva’s baby, even if the infant dies.

As a result, Claire and Jamie might expect serious consequences as a result of Malva’s death. Claire is suspected of murdering Malva in the story, and she is forced to stand trial. We can expect to see the consequences of Malva’s murder and the possible unravelling of the truth in the remaining sixth season episodes.