Who Played Lou Smith (Will’s Father) in Bel-Air 2022?

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Marlon Wayans appears as Lou, Will’s long-lost father, in the drama’s season one conclusion (Jabari Banks). Will was raised to believe that Lou abandoned his family by his mother, Vy (April Parker Jones), and uncle Phil (Adrian Holmes) before his unexpected return; in actuality, Lou was spending time in jail and never wanted his son to see him behind bars.

Will (Jabari Banks), a bright student-athlete, is the focus of ‘Bel-Air,’ a dramatised reimagining of the 1990s comedy ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.’ Will is completely content with his existence in his neighbourhood, despite his mother, Viola “Vy” Smith, encouraging him to spread his wings and see the world.

When Will is arrested for pulling a gun on a drug dealer and is threatened by the same drug dealer, things shift.

Vy sends her kid to live with her wealthy sister Viv and her family in Bel Air, over Will’s concerns. Vy has primarily raised her son on her own. Lou Smith, Will’s father, was initially interested, but this did not last long. He makes his first appearance in the season 1 finale.

Everything you need to know about him and the person who portrays him is right here.

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Who Plays Lou Smith (Will's Father) in Bel-Air

Who is Lou Smith, and Where Did he Come From?

Despite the fact that Lou didn’t make an appearance until the very end of season 1, the consequences of his actions can be seen in the lives of his estranged wife and kid. Vy is a wonderful mother.

She has done everything she can for her kid, raising him to be a well-adjusted, delightful young man. But if Lou were involved, she wouldn’t have to deal with her financial problems. Will has also grown up missing a piece of himself. He’s been miserable, as he reveals in the season 1 finale, wondering what happened to his father.

Lou abandoned his family when Will was about five years old in the original series. He later states that he did it out of fear of becoming a father. ‘Bel-Air‘ takes a different approach. Lou was convicted of robbing an elderly man who he believed owed him money and spent several years in prison.

During the trial, Phil served as his attorney. Despite Lou’s assurances that he was innocent, Phil was never convinced. Lou further alleges that following his sentence, Vy cut him off from her and Will’s lives. Lou may have contacted his son in the three years after he was released from prison, according to Phil. Lou, on the other hand, claims he was ashamed of his confinement and didn’t want to face his son.

Lou agreed to attend only after Geoffrey contacted him and informed him that Will was curious about him. Lou says all the right things and appears sincere in his desire to meet his son, but Phil and Viv are sceptical.

When Vy is addressed during Lou’s talk with his son, his irritability shines through. Will understandably defends his mother when Lou accuses Vy of being the source of all his problems. Lou assaults his son, choking him, until Phil and Viv intervene and force him to go.

Marlon Wayans as Will Dad

Lou Smith is Played by Who?

Marlon Wayans, a comedian an actor, plays Lou Smith in ‘Bel-Air.’ Marlon Wayans has been a notable actor on both small and big screens for over three decades, and is a member of the Wayans family. He made his acting debut in the action comedy ‘I’m Gonna Git You Sucka,’ released in 1988.

He has since acted in films such as the ‘Scary Movie‘ franchise and ‘Sextuplets,’ as well as TV shows such as ‘The Wayans Bros.’ and ‘Marlon.’ In ‘Bel-Air,’ he makes a rare appearance in a dramatic film. Darren Aronofsky’s ‘Requiem for a Dream’ was his previous film.