Who Was Ada Hulmes? How She Died?

Who Was Ada Hulmes

Eyewitnesses immediately pointed to John Brown’s jilted lover Ada Hulmes when officials in Silver City, New Mexico, discovered him shot to death in cold blood in 1889.

Ada and John had a tumultuous relationship. However, Ada was unaware that John was married and had a reputation as a casanova, according to the show.

Deadly Women: Lover Makes Three,’ a show on Investigation Discovery, chronicles John’s murder and illustrates how the investigation led to Ada. If this case has piqued your interest and you’re curious about Ada Hulmes’ fate, we’ve got you covered!

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Ada Hulmes: Who Was She?

Ada Hulmes divorced her husband in the 1870s. However, she understood she needed to find a way to make money as a single mother with an 8-year-old daughter.

As a result, she entrusted her daughter to a local convent and decided to pursue a career as a pianist and entertainer. Life as a performer in the 1870s was difficult, especially for women.

Ada, on the other hand, was able to make ends meet, and after visiting a number of towns and cities, she eventually settled in Silver City, New Mexico.

Ada got permission to play outside the window of the famed Centennial Saloon once she arrived in Silver City.

Her beauty, charisma, and brilliance quickly attracted a large number of male admirers, one of them being John Brown. According to the show, Ada wasn’t searching for a casual relationship and instead wanted to marry and start a family.

Her relationship with John began to go well, and she began to believe he was the one for her.

The show claims, however, that John was a ladies’ man and that his romance with Ada was adulterous because he was married to Adela “Adelaide” Brown.

Despite this, the relationship lasted several months when John sent Ada a note stating that he wanted to end it.

According to the show, Ada’s roommate received a note from John expressing his desire to take her out. Ada, enraged and duped, resolved to take matters into her own hands and sought assistance from her roommate.

After spotting a gun in Ada’s possession, the roommate apparently wanted to leave. Ada, on the other hand, pursued John and, when she found him, shot him in the street on February 19, 1889.

Ada went into hiding shortly after committing the heinous murder. Eyewitnesses who saw her shooting the gun alerted the cops, who tracked down Ada and captured her without incident.

How Ada Hulmes Died?

Ada Hulmes was captured and appeared in court, where she was sentenced to three years in prison for manslaughter.

Ada began affairs with two men while in prison, according to the episode, and was eventually released after serving two years.

Ada returned to her career as an artist after her time in prison, and she reportedly had a brief relationship with Alcario Dominguez.

Ada, however, chose to leave New Mexico and relocate to Colorado after all of her love affairs ended in heartache. Although little is known about Ada since then, her migration to Colorado took place more than a century ago.

Therefore we believe it is reasonable to infer that Ada Hulmes has since passed on to her eternal home.