Wild Croc Territory: Where is Jock Purcell Now?

Where is Jock Purcell From Wild Croc Territory Now? – The wildlife reality show “Wild Croc Territory” on Netflix is filmed in Australia’s Northern Territory. It follows Matt Wright and his team as they free crocodiles from habitats close to populated areas. The team wants to finish their work without hurting any people or animals. The show has its fair share of difficult situations, mostly because the profession is dangerous. Despite this, the group always makes an effort to have fun and appreciate the surrounding natural beauty.

The first season of the show, which just been launched, gives fans a chance to get to know the actors while they perform. Fans of the show are naturally curious to find out more information about the team’s crocodile handlers. Jock Purcell, a seasoned member of Wright’s team, is one such person of interest. Here is everything we know about Jock’s present whereabouts, in case you’re also interested!

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Jock Purcell’s Wild Croc Territory Journey

Jock Purcell was introduced in “Wild Croc Territory” as an important part of Matt Wright’s crew of crocodile handlers. Although Jock is the group’s helicopter pilot, that does not imply he never leaves the vehicle. In reality, most of Jock’s time on television throughout the show is spent working on the ground level with the rest of the crew and battling the crocodile that the team is trying to save; for Jock, the labour is rewarding even though it is risky.

Jock had lost two fingers before the event’s start, but he insisted that in this line of work, one should be cautious about one’s limb. He added Finn Hazleton-Hammond, Wright’s brother-in-law, as a new colleague in the middle of the first season of the Netflix series. The team’s antics as they prepare the latter to join the gang are amazing and hilarious.

Where is Jock Purcell Today?

Jock Purcell continues to collaborate with Matt Wright and resides in Darwin, Australia, as of this writing. He is connected to the Outdoor & Sporting Goods business Territory Outfitters. A sad event claimed the life of Chris “Willow” Wilson, Jock’s close friend and coworker, a few weeks after “Wild Croc Territory” was finished filming. He was one of the three skilled crocodile handlers that appeared in the Netflix series, and Jock was devastated to learn of his friend’s passing.

Since June 5, 2021, Jock and Jordan Purcell has been a happy couple. The Covid-19 pandemic forced the pair to delay their wedding plans from their original 2020 date. It’s interesting to note that Jock had to be let in by security on the evening of their engagement in 2019 after being locked out of their SkyCity Casino suite without any clothes.

Darwin Private Hospital currently employs Jordan as a Registered Nurse. In June 2022, the couple gave birth to a girl they called Florence Isabel Purcell. The new parents are overjoyed to share their love for their daughter on social media and are proud of their little bundle of joy. Additionally, the family appears to enjoy spending time outside and in nature. We wish them the very best and envision a bright future for them.

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