Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained


The season 4 premiere of ‘Yellowstone‘ was eagerly anticipated by fans who wanted to know if the Duttons would survive the coordinated attacks on their lives.

However, in the 4th season premiere, one point remained unanswered: who attacked the Duttons?

We’ll recap “Half the Money” and “Phantom Pain” on Sunday’s Season 4 premiere doubleheader.

With an incredible, action-packed episode, we kicked off the first of two magnificent hours.

The Season 4 premiere of Yellowstone deals with the horrible cliffhanger from the previous season.

John Dutton scribbles a note in his own blood on the ground, describing his assailant’s vehicle.

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Kayce guns his way out of his office while using a grenade to distract his assailants. As emergency personnel gather outside, Beth survives the Schwartz & Meyer bomb detonation.

Rip discovers John, who is dying on the side of the road and rushes him to the hospital. Kayce tracks down the perpetrators using his father’s blood evidence, which leads to a gunfight in which all of the assailants are dead, but Kayce is also shot.

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Monica and Tate are also targeted by an assassin at the Dutton residence. In the most horrifying scene of the episode, Tate murders the man while Monica fights valiantly as if she were a mother protecting her kid.

Rip has an unresponsive John taken to a hospital in the hopes of saving his life, but his cabin has been destroyed.

The remaining assassins who tried to attack Yellowstone are killed by the wranglers, but Jimmy remains lifeless after being bucked off a horse.

The masked assassins had been beaten, but John, Kayce, and Jimmy were still gone.

A flashback to 1893 alludes to a New Yellowstone Prequel Series.

In 1893, early Dutton settlers see a group of Native Americans who have established up camp in their newly acquired area.

The Dutton family offers them a calf to help them get through the winter by assisting them in burying a member of their tribe on their property.

The flashback not only sets the stage for later ceremonial discoveries in the area but also teases the impending Yellowstone prequel series from Paramount+.

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Carter Meets Beth

Yellowstone season 4 episode 1 review laid the groundwork for one of Beth’s first truly human friendships.

In the present, John awakens at the hospital to find Beth, who has mostly recovered from the blast.

So when the doctors try to put John back to sleep so he doesn’t damage himself anymore, she gets a little noisy.

Beth is smoking when she is approached by a small child who is in the hospital to see his father die of heroin addiction. Before she discovers the child is only 14, she has a cigarette and a lot of advice (new cast member Finn Little).

“F—k you for leaving me in this location with nothing and nobody,” Carter said to his brain-dead father.

She informed him, “I appreciate your style.” He said, “I don’t have a style.” “You do,” says the narrator. Beth, who is alone at his father’s deathbed, assists him in saying his goodbyes and provides solace in an extremely compassionate manner.

A casino patron boasts of assisting in the Dutton attack. Chief Rainwater discovers that a man named Jesse was involved in the Dutton family’s attack planning.

Jesse has been interrogated and tortured by Rainwater in order to learn more about his boss.

During John’s recuperation at his ranch, he discovers Jimmy in physical therapy with his fiancée Mia, where he learns that Jimmy was injured after falling off a horse, breaking his commitment to John not to try rodeo again.

Following the attack, John sits down with Beth to assess the situation, unaware of what transpired or what was taken from him.

Kayce appears from the fields, clothed in a ghillie suit, demonstrating that all of the Duttons were spared.

One sibling, however, has yet to be found. Beth approaches Jamie in his Attorney General’s office, convinced that he orchestrated the incident and is attempting to abduct her family.

Jamie retorts that he had called to check in but had forgotten to call Beth. Beth isn’t sure if she believes him, but if Jamie is engaged in the attacks, Beth promises she’ll kill him.

John expresses his gratitude to the wranglers for standing up for him and his family, and he apologises once more for putting them in danger.

The fantastic day came to a close with a night of beer and poker.

What caused Roarke’s Death?

Recap of Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 1: The next day, Rip contacts Roarke, a Market Equities employee who is attempting to purchase land from the Dutton family.

Rip appears to be dealing with Roarke, who is still a threat to the Duttons. Roarke is attacked by a rattlesnake while fishing near the lake.

Roarke is killed by a snake bite, and Rip makes sure he is dead. Rip is shown departing the murder site while a joyful country song plays in the background towards the end of the episode.

Rip’s development as a Dutton family member may be seen in this scene. When compared to gun violence, the poisonous killing stands out as a cruel act.

While Rip’s death of Roarke put an end to the Market Equities dispute, for the time being, his actions will undoubtedly have long-term ramifications.

Who was the Perpetrator of the Attack?

Who attacked the Duttons is not revealed in the season 4 premiere. The three most likely candidates were Rainwater, Roarke, and Jamie.

Jamie’s phoney family is being slaughtered because they are afraid of being discovered. Jamie has shown loyalty to his chosen family thus far.

Rainwater is ruled out as the major perpetrator by the episode’s actions, as he is on the lookout for the culprit, fearful that they may be after his land as well.

Last but not least, Roarke’s death raises the possibility that he was involved in the attacks. Rip, on the other hand, does not confront Roarke or urge him for admission.

As a result, we can’t be certain Roarke assaulted the Duttons. Even if he did, it was almost certainly on Market Equities’ behalf.

The identity of the attack’s mastermind is still unclear.