Young Justice Season 4 Episode 5 Release Date & Spoilers

Young Justice Season 4

The 4th episode of Season 4 of ‘Young Justice,’ also known as ‘Young Justice: Phantoms,’ features a horrific fight between Miss Martian, Superboy, and Beast Boy.

M’Comm returns to the planet after a brief absence to carry out his nefarious plans, while Superboy and Beast Boy band up to unravel the mystery behind the King’s murder, with the investigation leading to a stunning conclusion.

In the meantime, Superboy risks his life to save the planet Mars.

So, let’s save the rest for the review section and focus on episode 5’s details!

Release Date for Young Justice Season 4 Episode 5

‘Young Justice’ season 4 episode 5 will premiere on HBO Max on November 4, 2021, at 3 a.m. ET.

The 4th season consists of 26 episodes, each of which lasts 25 minutes.

Every Thursday, new episodes of the show are released on the streaming platform.

Spoilers for Young Justice Season 4 Episode 5

The aftermath of the virus bomb M’Comm procured to kill all green, yellow, and white Martians are slated to be the focus of ‘Young Justice’ season 4 episode 5.

Superboy’s fate will be clarified in this episode, as he is said to die to save the planet from the bomb’s blast.

If Superboy is no longer alive, it will be interesting to see what Miss Martian’s future holds.

She may have to confront her brother M’Comm, who is responsible for her death.

Meanwhile, Superboy’s sacrifice may cause the Martians’ prejudiced eyes to open, allowing them to regard each other equally.

With the appearance of the mystery enemy in the fourth season, it’s past time for the Legion heroes to take action.

Legion heroes can use their time travel skills to help Miss Martian and Beast Boy and make a difference in the awful situations that are occurring on the globe.

In episode 5, we’ll learn more about the villain who lurks in the shadows. We can also anticipate any details that may assist Superboy in resurrecting, as no death in the DC Universe is set in stone.

Recap of Young Justice Season 4 Episode 4

The 4th episode of ‘Young Justice,’ titled ‘Involuntary,’ begins with Miss Martian’s encounter with her brother M’Comm.

M’Comm dismisses her attempts to make amends and make peace with her brother.

Meanwhile, Superboy and Beast Boy investigate the King’s murder and analyse a piece of evidence they found on the day of the crime.

They identify it as a magical residue and suspect the planet’s yellow-skinned wizards.

The priestess who officiates at Miss Martian and Superboy’s wedding admits that she killed the King in a fit of passion when he stood in the way of marrying the Prince.

Meanwhile, M’Comm sets a viral bomb in the palace, intending to murder every green, yellow, and white Martian in order to restore the Red Martians’ dominance, but Superboy and others discover the bomb.

Superboy uses his fist to strike the floor and reach the lava flow beneath the arena to defuse the bomb.

His rapid thinking pays off, but an unknown enemy’s secret device attached to the bomb releases Kryptonite into the area where lava flows, hurting Superboy.

Superman comes on the scene and uses his X-ray vision to identify Superboy’s body.

Miss Martian tries telepathy to reach Superboy’s thoughts but is unsuccessful, implying his death.

Where Can I Watch Season 4 Episode 5 of Young Justice Online?

By signing onto HBO Max at the above-mentioned date and time, you can watch ‘Young Justice’ season 4 episode 5 only on HBO Max.

If you want to view prior seasons of the show on-demand, there are several options: Google PlayXfinity, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, VuduDirecTVYouTube, & Microsoft.