Money Heist Season 5: We know who will Die in La Casa De Papel Season 5


Money Heist Season 5 Updates: This detail spotted by a fan of La Casa de Papel teases the death of a main character in the sequel! …

Never underestimate a fan of the hit Spanish series! As proof, last week, one of them shared this detail on La Casa de Papel suggesting that season 6 is still possible. Today belote! Another user fan of the Netflix show has unearthed another clue that leads us to believe that a flagship character of the franchise will not make it to the end of the heist. Indeed, the latter went to Reddit to share with other aficionados of the show the extract of an interview given by Esther Acebo, aka the interpreter from Stockholm and the companion of Denver.

Money Heist Season 5: Who will die Next?

And for good reason, in this interview conducted for the needs of the Orange TV Los Felices Veinte Youtube show, the star said about his character in the sequel that he “was going to last almost until the very end”. It is, in particular, the use of the word “almost” which made tilt the Net surfer, the latter assuming that it was about a clue on the sad final outcome planned for Stockholm. A clue is reminiscent of the one dug up in Tokyo and which proves that the young woman will not survive the final season of La Casa de Papel. Unless this is a clever way to hijack the next December 3.

Case to follow!

La Casa de Papel season 5: the question all fans are asking about the Spanish police finally has an answer

Three weeks ago, Netflix unveiled the first trailer as well as the release date of the highly anticipated season 5 of La Casa de Papel. The opportunity to learn that this final season will be segmented into two parts. The first, scheduled for September 3 (it’s getting closer!) And the second, for December 3 of this year. But that’s not all! Indeed, it seems that this first teaser has also revealed crucial information about the Spanish police. A detail that would finally give an answer to the question asked by all fans of the show. Namely: how will the police manage to infiltrate the robbery?

Indeed, a user named The_one_and_only987 shared on Reddit his recent discovery made about the future plot. This is a clue first spotted in the trailer, and which was then verified in a photo posted on Instagram by actor Fernando Cayo (aka Colonel Luis Tamayo). And for good reason, on the photograph in question, we can see that the door of the National Bank of Spain is well damaged, even exploded. This could mean that the Spanish police will choose force and weapons to infiltrate the establishment with explosives in order to put an end to the robbery. A rather plausible theory, especially when we remember that the showrunner recently teased the next season of La Casa de Papel like total destruction. Anyway, the Professor’s gang is not at the end of its troubles!

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