Superman’s Greatest Enemy has Transformed into Something New


Superman UpdatesAction Comics #1032 has opened up a new avenue to a great mystery. This issue features the Superman family fighting off various enemies while the Aqua man learns some new facts about his race.

The Superman family discovers several Warzoon craft from Warworld at the start of the issue. One ship contained long-lost Kryptonian refugees, which are now being rescued by team members.

Superman is particularly interested in one girl, as she uses a very old Kryptonian dialect. However, we learn that Thao La was a member of a Kryptonian niche science society called Phaelosians.

Superman’s greatest enemy

The society of this girl was shunned. They were forced to leave Krypton. A tragic fate followed when they were captured and taken to Warworld by the Mongols.

Contrary to what others believed, she believed Superman would save them. However, he never showed up. Now they are with him after a supposed escape. We are left to wonder if Mongul has become softened or if he simply forgot his security. What if this isn’t the Mongol we are familiar with?

This theory is supported by Thao, who speaks with Superman about Mongul’s language. He gets tickled that she uses Mongul’s name and thinks it is a surprise.

Thao La refers to Mongul as the ‘Mongol who-is’ and the ‘Mongol who was in an unconventional way. Superman interprets this literally, thinking that Mongol has died. They then ask for a new leader. However, the Warworld is still moving and he starts to realize that Mongul isn’t dead.

Although this theory is not impossible, it is thrown off track by the fact that the captured Warzoons behave as if their leader has become more fearful and ruthless. Superman is clearly not at the right place. Even if he fought Mongul, how will he fight this new enemy that poses a greater threat to his survival?

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