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Did Taylor Kelly (Megan West) Leave 9-1-1?

Did Megan West’s Taylor Kelly Leave 9-1-1

Did Taylor Kelly (Megan West) Leave 9-1-1? – Taylor and Evan “Buck” Buckley continue to have a warm relationship in the FOX action series “9-1-1.” As a result of the connection, Buck grows as a person, becoming more responsible and in control. The compatibility between Buck and Taylor strengthens their bond and marriage. Buck concludes that he cannot continue to be with Taylor because of what she has done. Taylor’s fans are disturbed by the relationship’s recent developments.

However, the spring premiere of the fifth season indicates a drastic change in Buck’s love life as he begins to feel something for Lucy. One can wonder if Lucy’s entrance heralds Taylor’s exit from Buck’s life, paving the way for Megan West’s potential departure, given that Lucy gets elevated to a permanent job at Station 118, escalating tensions between her and Buck. Let’s find out!

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What Happened to Taylor Kelly

What Happened to Taylor Kelly (Megan West)?

In the eleventh episode of season 5, Buck and Lucy work together to save a family from a moving truck that has been bombed. Buck is astounded by Lucy’s bravery as she unwaveringly helps him finish the rescue mission. After a hard day’s work, Buck and Lucy toast one other with drinks and kisses. Hen encourages Buck to tell Taylor what transpired between him and Lucy rather than keep it a secret after learning about it. When Panic strikes, Buck tries to tell Taylor about the incident but retreats, mistakenly urging Taylor to move in with him.

Buck keeps what happened with Lucy a secret to keep his friendship with Taylor. When Hen makes fun of him about Lucy, Buck replies that he might never see her again, save for welcoming her as his new coworker. Lucy’s fans must be afraid that Lucy is a replacement for Taylor. It is anticipated that Lucy’s constant presence will control Buck and potentially persuade him to quit his relationship with Taylor. If Buck tells her about the incident, Taylor may end the relationship as she cannot keep it a secret from him.

If that’s the case, the plot offers a way for West to leave the show. So, is the actress leaving the program?

Did Megan West Leave 9-1-1

Did Taylor Kelly (Megan West) Leave 9-1-1?

Buck is shocked by the idea of becoming closer to Lucy as he discovers she will be his long-term coworker. While things with Taylor are going well, he might find Lucy attractive. Buck will be forced to tell the truth to avoid the same fate, which might mean the end of their relationship if Taylor chooses to move in with him. If Buck and Taylor decide to part ways, Buck’s plot will probably focus on the romantic tensions between him and Lucy, guaranteeing Megan West’s ouster.

On the other hand, Lucy’s entrance might be used as a plot device to show how committed Buck is to Taylor and their bond. Even if he doesn’t initially manage to turn down Lucy’s attempts, the kissing incident might teach him how to be a better man for his fiance, enhancing their union. Buck might have to wage a battle within himself to be loyal to Taylor while working with Lucy. Instead of becoming friends with his new coworker, Buck might grow to be mature enough to keep Taylor’s life safe.

Given these scenarios, Megan West might hesitate to say goodbye to Taylor and “9-1-1.” Taylor’s purported departure hasn’t been verified by the actress or by FOX, so we can expect West to keep appearing on the procedural show. Although West’s frequent appearance in “9-1-1” will be missed, fans of the actress can look forward to her upcoming film, “Boy Makes Girl.”

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