HBO Max’s Comedy Series ‘Minx’ Episode 7 and 8 Recap and Ending Explained

Minx Episode 7 and 8 Recap

What transpired in the last two episodes of Minx has a lot to unpack. From the introduction of the magazine to sales that fall short of expectations, Doug comes through with the mob boss in a pinch.

  • ‘Minx’ Episode 7 titled ‘ God Save the Queen of Dicks’
  • ‘Minx’ Episode 8 titled ‘ Oh, You’re the Sun Now? Giver of Life?’

The 7th and 8th episodes of HBO Max’s comedy series ‘Minx‘ follow the student protest against Minx. The protest generates a lot of buzz for the magazine, which helps it sell a lot of copies. When Joyce becomes depressed as a result of the public’s rejection of her work, she turns to Glenn for solace. Doug and Tina celebrate the success of Minx, and the two embark on a romantic journey together.

In ‘The Dick Cavett Show,’ Joyce portrays Minx, revealing the tensions between her and Doug. The eighth episode closes with Joyce making an unexpected decision about Minx’s future, and here’s a closer look at it!

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Minx Episode 7 and 8 Recap and Ending, Explained

Recaps of ‘Minx’ Episodes 7 and 8

The show’s 7nth episode, titled ‘God Save the Queen of Dicks,’ opens with Minx magazine sales increasing in response to a student protest against the publication. Joyce informs Doug that people are reading her magazine for the sake of the debate, rather than for the reasons she intended.

She speaks with a reporter to discuss the ideas of female sexual awakening that she spreads through the magazine, but this simply adds to the squabbles. She spends the night with Glenn for solace after a night of disappointment. Glenn begs Joyce to leave Doug’s Bottom Dollar Publications and join his soon-to-be-launched firm so that Minx may be relaunched as the firm’s flagship product.

Joyce understands that Glenn, who didn’t believe in her magazine at first, is merely seeking to profit off Minx’s fame. Doug and Tina end up kissing as they celebrate Minx’s sales achievements together. They are thinking about getting into a relationship without telling anyone.

Richie is invited to a party hosted by renowned gallerist Edward Shawn to celebrate the success of Minx. He and Bambi attend the party, where he meets artist David Hockney, who appreciates his work in the magazine. Joyce joins them in congratulating her on her accomplishment.

‘Oh, You’re the Sun Now?’ is the title of the 8th episode of the show. Joyce is getting ready to appear on ‘The Dick Cavett Show,’ in ‘The Giver of Life?’ She runs into an old coworker and congratulates her on her magazine’s success. Next, Doug meets with famed football player Billy Brunson in order to persuade him to feature on the cover of Minx’s upcoming issue.

Following the meeting, Doug attends a taping of ‘The Dick Cavett Show,’ where he meets Victoria Hartnett, the author of the feminist classic ‘Suffering Suffragettes.’ Doug tells her about his engagement with Minx without thinking she’ll be a guest on the show alongside Joyce.

Minx Episode 7 and 8 Ending, Explained

Is Joyce Leaving Minx and Bottom Dollar Publications at the End of Minx Episode 8?

Joyce utilises her participation on ‘The Dick Cavett Show’ as a platform to discuss Minx’s feminist roots. She confidently answers Dick’s queries and states that her magazine is very much a part of the feminist movements taking place around her. Dick invites Victoria Hartnett to the show to provide a counterpoint, criticising Joyce’s magazine as a businessman’s approach of profiting from Joyce and her feminist beliefs.

Because the heart of Minx’s fascination is penises, Victoria dismisses Joyce’s feminist essays as “superficial.” Victoria tells Joyce that she is being used by Doug as she tries to explain her side.

Meanwhile, Dick calls Doug to the stage, where he reveals that Billy Brunson will be on the cover of Minx’s next issue without even consulting the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Joyce. Joyce is angered and disappointed since she has been attempting to persuade Dick, Victoria, and the public that Doug does not interfere in editorial matters.

She gives Doug the materials for the magazine’s third issue and informs him that she is no longer associated with Minx or his company. Doug, who was hoping to capitalise on ‘The Dick Cavett Show’s national exposure to boost Minx’s excitement and notoriety, decided not to apologise to Joyce.

Despite the fact that Joyce passes over the materials to Doug and tells him that she won’t allow anyone to abuse her the way he did, Minx is far too vital for her to simply walk away. Her decision to leave Doug’s firm could be a spur-of-the-moment one that she later regrets. When Joyce’s enraged feelings toward Doug subside, she may recognise that Doug’s actions were driven by his desire to see her dream project succeed.

She might offer Doug another chance to apologise and reconcile with her. Joyce is well aware that it was only because of Doug that her ambition of launching a magazine became a reality, which may lead her back to Minx and Bottom Dollar Publications.

Furthermore, Joyce may understand that moving forward with Minx does not require the approval of her idols. She may understand that penises and pornography helped her develop a unique voice in her community, and giving up that voice is the last thing Joyce wants to do.

After reuniting with Doug, Joyce may continue to post pieces that are relevant to the women in her life through Minx, challenging Victoria’s views. Joyce may listen to Doug’s wishes and expectations for the benefit of Minx, rather than treating her magazine as an island unto itself.

Joyce may comprehend Minx’s importance and significance in her community beyond the three issues covered by her contract with Doug’s firm. If that’s the case, Joyce should be back in her office at Bottom Dollar sooner rather than later. Doug, who values Minx above all else, may be able to work out a deal with Joyce to bring her back to her magazine and his company.

Where Can I Watch ‘Minx’ Episode 7 and 8 Online?

Minx is only available on HBO and HBO Max, as previously stated. To watch the series on HBO Max, you’ll need a subscription, which costs $9.99 per month (with commercials) or $14.99 per month (ad-free) (or $99.99/$149.99 per year).