In P-Valley: What happened to Demethrius, Roulette’s brother? Where Did He Die?

In P-Valley: What happened to Demethrius, Roulette's brother? Where Did He Die?

The demonstrations and rioting that result from the killing of a Black man are the focus of the fourth episode of Season 2 of the drama series “P-Valley” on Starz. Due to the demonstrations, Lil Murda, Keyshawn/Miss Mississippi, and their gang are unable to continue their Dirty Dozen tour. In order to maintain calm in their areas, the mayors of numerous communities, including Wayne Kyle of Chucalissa, implement curfews. While her coworkers watch the news about the rioting and protests, Roulette hides from them. Roulette (Gail Bean) talks about her brother Demethrius to Duffy when he discovers her sobbing. But just what happened to him? How was he killed? Let’s investigate! Spoilers follow.

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In P-Valley How Did Demethrius Die?

In P-Valley: What happened to Demethrius, Roulette's brother? Where Did He Die?

After observing Roulette’s brother Demethrius driving with a broken tail light, the police shot and killed him for supposedly carrying a gun. The news about a law enforcement official killing an unarmed Black man sparks riots and protests, which sets off Roulette. She recalls Demethrius and informs Duffy that despite what the police had claimed, her brother had not been carrying a pistol. She feels uneasy watching the video of the Black man being killed because Demethrius was slain in a similar manner. She communicates to Duffy her rage and frustration over the killings as well as how much she misses her brother. In order to discuss the killings of other Black people who were slain by the police, Demethrius’ death and the murder of the Black man are brought up. Demethrius and the unidentified Black man stand in for a number of Black people who were killed by law enforcement after they were suspected of carrying a handgun or firearms.

According to estimates, between 2015 and 2021, at least 135 Black people without weapons died after being fatally shot by police as a result of suspicion, which brings to mind Demethrius’s passing. At least 75% of the police, according to reports, were white, which highlights the racial tensions in the occurrences. Black folks have endured horrors that go beyond only deadly shootings. George Floyd’s killing exposed the world to the barbaric treatment of Black people by police. Demethrius and Floyd are both victims of systemic racism, which has a strong foundation in how law enforcement agencies are run. The show illustrates how vulnerable Black people are in societies where they are viewed as potential threats rather than as humans deserving of life through the killing of the unarmed Black guy and Demethrius.

In P-Valley: What happened to Demethrius, Roulette's brother? Where Did He Die?

A number of families who lost loved ones as a result of police abuse are also represented by Roulette’s grief over Demethrius’ passing. Numerous families have sought justice for loved ones who died as a result of systematic racism throughout the years, only to see heinous killings occur all over the country one after another. Roulette views the killing of the Black guy as evidence that, despite her brother’s murder, nothing had changed in the nation. She sees people like Demethrius being slaughtered by police officers who escape the just punishments they deserve. Every time a Black person is slain in the same manner, Roulette is compelled to reflect on Demethrius’ tragedy. In fact, 1,046 people were shot and killed by the police in the nation in 2021. As “P-Valley” honours the Black victims through the two off-screen characters, Demethrius and the unidentified Black guy represent each and every one of them.