In P-Valley: Who is the father of Mercedes’ baby?

Brandee Evans Mercedes Woodbine.

The people of Chucalissa are shown coping with the Covid-19 outbreak in the second season of Starz’s drama series P-Valley.” Many people are impacted by the pandemic, including Terricka Woodbine, the daughter of Mercedes Woodbine. The mother and daughter discuss their past and how it impacted the latter’s childhood in the third episode of the show. In the course of the dialogue, Mercedes also comes to the unavoidable reality that she has failed as a mother. The audience must be curious about Terricka’s father as her disputes with Mercedes grow more intense. Here is all the information you require regarding Terricka’s father. Spoilers follow.

Who is the father of Mercedes’ baby?

Terricka is the daughter of Mercedes and Cortez, Shelle’s late husband. When she was 15 years old, Mercedes had an affair with Cortez. Mercedes informed him that she is 18 since she truly loved him and didn’t want to lose him. Their relationship eventually led to Mercedes being pregnant, which upended both of their lives. Terricka’s mother Patrice Woodbine made it obvious that a 15-year-old girl cannot care for her infant and live as a mother after Mercedes gave birth to Terricka. Mercedes had little choice but to abide by Cortez’s instructions, who wanted Terricka to become his and his wife Shelle’s daughter. Despite his apparent lack of interest in Mercedes, Cortez was worried about Terricka. Despite Terricka not being Shelle’s child, he made sure that his daughter would be in good care. He made the request for Shelle to care for Terricka on his deathbed, just before he passed away, which linked Cortez’s wife and daughter together.

Terricka Woodbine, the daughter of Mercedes Woodbine.

Terricka remained to reside with Shelle as her child, and Mercedes’ only opportunity to see Terricka now is during her dance lessons. Terricka eventually learns that her biological mother is her dance instructor and not Shelle. The final wish of Cortez had a significant impact on Shelle, Terricka, and Mercedes’s life. Shelle was forced to bear a child who stood in for her husband’s error and infidelity. Shelle has been a devoted wife to Cortez even after he passed away by taking care of and guiding Terricka. But Shelle doesn’t see why she must remain faithful to a man who died after betraying her while he was still alive. Shelle is able to provide for Terricka, but she is unable to be Terricka’s mother because she cannot separate Terricka from Cortez’s infidelity. For Mercedes, Cortez’s choice to put Terricka and her apart left a gaping scar in their mother-daughter bond that will never mend.

Even after growing up and becoming an independent woman, Mercedes was unable to rescue Terricka from Shelle. Shelle was forced to keep his kid because Cortez wanted her to not live with a stripper. Terricka’s inability to live with Mercedes had to be accepted because, in her opinion, no court would permit the latter to live with a stripper. However, Terricka simply views the same as Mercedes’ justification for abdicating her parental duties to her. In addition to dividing Mercedes and Terricka, Cortez’s last wish also ruined Shelle’s life. After being sober for a period, the widow turns to drink once more for solace. Terricka wants to live with Mercedes, but Shelle’s determination to carry out her late husband’s final wishes hinders the mother and daughter from doing so.