Mr. Harrigan’s Phone: Is Booth Bay Soap a Real Soap?

Is Mr. Harrigan’s Phone’s Booth Bay Soap a Real Soap
Mr. Harrigan’s Phone. Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Ms. Hart in Mr. Harrigan’s Phone. Cr. Nicole Rivelli/Netflix © 2022

Is Mr. Harrigan’s Phone’s Booth Bay Soap a Real Soap? – The protagonist of the Netflix horror movie “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone” is Craig, who is employed as a book reader by infamous tycoon Mr. John Harrigan. Craig’s instructor Ms. Hart attends to his wound after Kenny Yankovich, a fellow student, viciously bullies him. He questions his teacher about it after smelling the scent she is emitting. Ms. Hart confesses that it is the scent of her soap Booth Bay and even encourages Craig to obtain some for his “buddy” in Gates Falls. Since the same soap finally plays a crucial and fantastic role in the movie’s plot, we were curious to learn whether such a soap indeed exists. Here are our conclusions!

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Is Booth Bay Soap a Real Soap

Is Booth Bay Soap a Real Soap or Not?

Mr. Hart gives Craig medical attention after Kenny Yankovich hits him. Craig is forced to smell his teacher’s perfume while the teacher administers his wounds. He discovers from Ms. Hart that the aroma is associated with Booth Bay soap, which is sold in Gates Falls, the Maine town where his high school is situated. But Booth Bay appears to be a fictional soap created for the movie’s story rather than a genuine one. Craig’s hometown Harlow and the Maine town of Gates Falls, where the soap is easily accessible, are made up of locations by Stephen King, and they appear in several of his books.

When Ms. Hart is killed off in an accident near the movie’s end, it becomes clear that Booth Bay soap is more vital than it appears. Craig finds it very difficult to live with her passing and longs to see Deane Whitmore, who accidentally killed his teacher, put to death. Craig phones the deceased Harrigan and informs him that he wants Deane to perish for the murder of his cherished teacher. Craig quickly has the chance to witness his wish come true. Craig discovers Deane’s death a few days after Ms. Hart’s passing.

Craig starts looking for Deane’s cause of death after he passes away. He pays off a person connected to the treatment facility where Dean has been staying, and the person informs Craig that Dean passed away after shoving half of a specific soap down his throat. The individual admits that it was a Booth Bay soap when Craig asks him which one. Craig concludes that Deane’s death was not a suicide but rather a murder performed by Harrigan due to the discovery that Deane died with a piece of Booth Bay soap lodged in his neck.

For Craig to understand that he has exacted retribution for Ms. Hart’s passing by using her favourite soap, Harrigan uses Booth Bay. The connection between Ms. Hart and the rationale behind Harrigan’s choice to use the Booth Bay soap as a murder weapon is the sole relevance the soap possesses. The imaginary soap otherwise functions exactly like any other genuine soap.

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