Is Lim (Christina Chang) Leaving The Good Doctor? Is Lim Paralyzed?

Is Christina Chang Leaving The Good Doctor

Is Lym (Christina Chang) Leaving The Good Doctor? Is Lym Paralyzed? – Dr. Audrey Lim is stabbed by Owen, Nurse Villanueva’s ex-partner, in the final episode of ABC’s medical drama “The Good Doctor” season 5. Villanueva and Lim encounter the nearly-dead nurse as she makes her way to the break room, and Owen stabs her while Dr. Shaun Murphy and Lea celebrate their nuptial wedding. Shaun, Lea, and Dr. Jordan Allen discover Lim in the first episode of the sixth season; Drs. Aaron Glassman and Marcus Andrews later join them.

The physicians do their best to prevent Lim from dying, and they are successful in doing so, but the results are surprising. We investigated whether the events connected to Christina Chang’s potential exit from the show because we were intrigued by the same. Here is all the information you need to know about Chang’s upcoming role in the medical drama! 

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Is Lim Paralyzed

Is Lim (Christina Chang) Paralyzed?

Lim is indeed paralysed. Owen wrecks mayhem in the hospital after stabbing Lim and Villanueva, causing a closure. Shaun runs to the break room as his concern about Lim grows, only to discover that she is unconscious and has lost a lot of blood. Glassman and Andrews reach the location in no time, and they all get ready for an emergency operation. Glassman orders Shaun to remove a sizable portion of Lim’s liver to preserve her, but Shaun decides to do a different treatment that doesn’t need doing the same thing. Lim survives, but her condition quickly worsens as her heart rate drops.

Shaun discovers the problem, but a bypass operation is required. The SWAT team shoots Owen in the meantime, forcing Andrews to provide the bypass machine for Owen’s surgery. To save Lim, he begs Shaun to perform a dangerous treatment. Shaun recovers his calm and finishes the procedure despite a horrific spell of intrusive thoughts about the passing of his brother Steve.

The following morning, Lim awakens but is unable to move her leg. She is disabled, according to Shaun, probably as a result of heart surgery. Does that imply that Lim will end her employment at St. Bonaventure as a surgeon? Is Christina Chang’s paralysis a chance for her to leave the programme? Let’s investigate!

Is Christina Chang Leaving The Good Doctor?

Christina Chang and ABC have not yet announced the actress’s exit from “The Good Doctor.” In addition, rather than being a sign of Chang’s alleged departure, Lim’s difficulties could be plot twists that heighten the tension and drama in the character’s journey. The difficulties Lim experiences, in the opinion of show creator David Shore, make Lim’s storyline important without necessarily implying Chang’s departure. “As writers, we want to ensure that each story is significant. That’s not saying that we’re going to lose her [Christina Chang]. We love her. But there are challenges up ahead,” Shore told TVLine.

Lim’s paralysis is anticipated to play a significant role in the sixth season’s plot, as she struggles to overcome it to overcome the challenges she faces. 

She [Lim] is such a strong character, and challenging her physically seems very interesting. […] We’re all confronted with various challenges in life. How we respond to them is the true test of our character,” Shore told TVLine. According to Shore’s comments, Chang’s Lim may appear more frequently in the sixth season, showcasing her tenacity and will to overcome her paralysis. We might not need to be concerned about her position at St. Bonaventure either.

In a recent interview, co-showrunner Liz Friedman stated that Lim continues to work despite having a “long-term [disability].” Friedman claims that she may live with her paralysis at the centre of her life, persuading the surgeon to make decisions that align with her limits. Given Shore and Friedman’s statements, it is all but certain that Christina Chang will continue to appear in “The Good Doctor,” as Lim may do her best to overcome the challenges in front of her with the assistance of her outstanding coworkers.