Is Marco (Ivan Shaw) Dead in The Cleaning Lady? Is He Leaving the Show?

Is Marco (Ivan Shaw) Dead in The Cleaning Lady

Is Marco (Ivan Shaw) Dead in The Cleaning Lady? Is Ivan Shaw Leaving the The Cleaning Lady? – In the drama “The Cleaning Lady,” Thony De La Rosa, a former Cambodian-Filipino doctor who now works and resides in Las Vegas, takes the lead. Her son, Luca (5 years old), is the reason she is in the country on an expired visa. Due to a rare and potentially fatal medical condition, Luca can only receive a cutting-edge bone marrow transplant in Las Vegas. Thony and her sister-in-law Fiona work as cleaning service employees while Thony waits for her son to receive medical attention.

Thony is offered a job as a cleaner and a doctor within their criminal organization after she unintentionally witnesses a terrible crime and is found hiding by the perpetrator, Arman Morales. These positions may pay well enough for Thony to support her son and her family. Thony enters a morally dubious area and starts leading a double life, keeping things from her family while also cleaning up crime scenes and evading the law.

The plot of Thony’s story develops as we learn more about her husband Marco (Ivan Shaw), who plays a significant part in the story. Marco meets a horrible destiny in the second episode of the debut, leaving fans to wonder if he lives. Here is all the information you need to know about Marco’s destiny and actor Ivan Shaw’s future in “The Cleaning Lady.”

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Is Ivan Shaw Leaving The Cleaning Lady

Is Marco (Ivan Shaw) Dead?

In the first episode of the new season of “The Cleaning Lady,” titled “TNT,” Marco De La Rosa is introduced. The main character of the series, Thony De La Rosa’s husband, Marco, is Fiona De La Rosa’s brother. Luca De La Rosa’s father was largely absent from his son and wife’s lives. Fiona is, therefore, closer to Thony than to her own brother. He discovers the dangers Luca confronts due to Thony’s secret life, though, as the story goes on and he becomes more involved in Luca’s life.

Marco attempts to depart Las Vegas in the “The Crown” season 1 finale, taking Luca with him. Thony discovers Marco is taking Luca to the Philippines in the season 2 premiere, “Sins of the Father.” Marco stays with Luca at a motel as Thony and Garrett work out their differences after Thony successfully prevents him from boarding the plane with Garrett’s assistance. However, a physical struggle between Chris and Marco causes an accident when Thony, Chris, and Fiona show up at the motel to face Marco. Marco collapses on the stairs and passes away instantly.

Is Ivan Shaw Leaving the The Cleaning Lady

Is Ivan Shaw Leaving the The Cleaning Lady?

Ivan Shaw plays Marco De La Rosa in “The Cleaning Lady” and is listed as a recurring guest star in the first and second seasons of the show. With his portrayal of Henry Chin in the daytime series “All My Children,” Shaw shot to fame. The actor is well-known for his roles in many popular programmes, including the comedy series “Casual” and the western drama “That Dirty Black Bag.” Nine episodes of “The Cleaning Lady” feature Shaw. The actor’s tenure on the show has undoubtedly ended, though, with his character’s death in the season two premiere.

Although the producers and Shaw have not yet made any public statements regarding the actor’s departure, it is unlikely that he will appear in any more episodes. The De La Roa family is now linked to yet another significant crime due to his death, which changes the course of the narrative. As a result, the story’s impetus is Shaw’s character Marco’s passing. Shaw will appear in the next television series, “Dear Edward,” even though his work on “The Cleaning Lady” may have ended. The second season of “The Cleaning Lady,” which is currently showing on Fox, will, on the other hand, continue to follow Thony and her narrative.

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