HBO Max’s ‘The Staircase’: Is Michael Peterson Gay or Bisexual in Real-Life?

Michael Peterson Gay or Bisexual in Real Life

Is Michael Peterson Gay or Bisexual in Real Life? Let’s find out the truth. Based on Jean-Xavier de Lestrade’s eponymous docuseries, HBO Max’s crime series ‘The Staircase follows Kathleen Peterson, who is discovered dead at the foot of a staircase at her home. The body is discovered by Kathleen’s husband, Michael Peterson, who reports it as an accident, but the investigators suspect murder. After Michael is charged with the murder of his wife, the prosecution begins their investigation.

As the investigation continues, then-District Attorney Jim Hardin and then-Assistant District Attorney Freda Black discover explicit photographs of men on Michael’s computer, leading viewers to speculate whether he is gay or bisexual in real life. Let’s discuss about the fact!

Is Michael Peterson Gay or Bisexual in Real Life

Is Michael Peterson Gay or Bisexual in Real-Life?

No, Michael Peterson is  not a gay but he is bisexual. When detectives discovered pornographic images of men on Michael’s computer, they discovered his sexual orientation. They also obtained e-mails from Michael purportedly soliciting sex from a male escort. Michael claims that he discovered he is bisexual as a teenager after being drawn to his baseball team’s shortstop.

“It was a part of who I was trying to keep hidden, And I knew at the moment that I felt a strong connection to both women and men,” he said in Jean-docuseries Xavier’s ‘The Staircase.’

Michael kept his sexual orientation hidden when he entered the military, and he kept it hidden from his extended family until Kathleen died. Kathleen was aware of his bisexuality and was “okay” with it, he stated in the docuseries. His sexual orientation, on the other hand, was a key part of the prosecution’s case against him.

“According to those who know [Kathleen] well, she would have been outraged to learn that her husband, whom she truly loved, was bisexual and having an extramarital relationship not with another woman but even with a man, which would have been humiliating and embarrassing to her,” said then-ADA Freda Black.

“We suspect there was an argument and a homicide when she learned this information,” Freda continued. As a result, the prosecution saw Michael’s bisexuality being revealed as a factor in Kathleen’s murder.

According to Michael, the fact that he is bisexual affected the jury in the murder case. “Of course [Michael’s bisexuality] had to affect him!” What makes you think that means murder? In the same docuseries, he remarked, “It made no sense at all, but it surely went; there it is in the juror’s head.” Judge Orlando Hudson, who presided over Michael’s murder trial, acknowledged that evidence about his sexual orientation was likely prejudicial.

“There are things that I would have changed [if the trial happened in 2017]. “All of the gay evidence…would have been highly detrimental to the defense,” Hudson stated. Since Michael’s bisexuality was revealed, it has been used and approached in the murder trial in various ways.

While the prosecution saw it as the “trigger” of the murder, Michael believed it was unfairly used against him in the trial, which resulted in his conviction for Kathleen’s murder. He entered an Alford plea to a charge of voluntary manslaughter in 2017 and received a sentence of time served with no additional prison time.

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